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November 20, 2003
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Feverish Jet

1:19 pm: The plan worked pretty well. I am not nearly as trashed as I was yesterday, and John's going strong. Jet's actually had his fever break, I think, and he ate a lot this morning, is actually napping right now, pretty thoroughly, as he went down around 11:45 (so he's going for more than just his 90 minute, usual nap). And he's a much, much happier little boy. He wandered around the grocery store with John this morning, and he's actually playing with toys.

He's also not breaking down into tears over every single thing. I think that was the most unnerving thing about his whole sickness. He would just start crying about everything and anything that upset him. It's the way I've felt when I have a cold, but he was entirely willing to act on the feeling. Whew.

I'm glad. Tomorrow Joan can have him. Today, though, I'll take care of him, and it's a good thing that he's getting so much better.

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