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November 30, 2003
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Busy Weekend

We had a tremendously busy Friday, running around and shopping and errand running. Most of it was in Boulder. We did the recycling, and Jet got to see another train go by, and then he saw the trucks piling up the recycling in the yard, and he wanted to go play with the Big Trucks. He didn't want to leave, either, when it was time. But we finally pried him away.

We got him more of his katsu furikake, turns out it's the only variety that he'll eat. We hit Whole Foods for a few things, including a hot chocolate for him and lattes for us, and he got to see a huge, live lobster when the fish man got bored. That was pretty cool. We picked up a few things there. Then we tried to sell my gaming books, but the gaming shop wasn't taking used books anymore. So I spent way too much money on some yarn for more socks for Jet, John and I, and only a little money on some yarn for some Christmas gifts. It was so odd to be in the midst of a yarn store again.

We got back just in time to get me to my massage. Afterwards we took Jet to see "Brother Bear". I cried at various points. Jet just watched raptly. I thought he was asleep, but he was just cuddled into my lap (wouldn't leave it) to see, only moving to get some popcorn from John. There are some rumors that it's going to be the last hand-animated movie from Disney. End of an era.

We had play time and dinner at the food court. Jet ran around and around and around and around until he was breathless and finally came to me to get his shoes on and go for a snack.

Saturday was John's birthday, and he got a pile of gifts even before 8, as I was up early for no good reason. We went out, had breakfast at a new place, and then toured homes for a good four hours. Just new houses in the area, and they gave us a $15 Safeway card for doing the look through of the houses. So we paid for our Thanksgiving feast by walking through houses. That was pretty funny.

We headed to the Rec. Center for the late afternoon and had a blast. Jet wanted the toy room (i.e. kid care), but when we finally got him into the water, he did fine. He even went on the big slides again, and around the lazy river a few times, clinging, tenaciously, to the handles on the ring floats. We had dinner at Old Chicago.

Sunday was church in the morning, but John and I were in charge of the toddler room. Turned out, though, that Jet was the only kid there, and he played with clay the entire time. This after all the other kids got bored of it after ten minutes or so. I was pretty happy with that. After snack, we went home, and he fell asleep just as we got home. He was still asleep when we left an hour later to deliver him to Macy's birthday part at the Little Gym. He had a mildly traumatic time before he got into it. One of the instructors just picked him up and started dancing with him, and he started smiling. Then he really got into it. He was probably the second smallest kid there, next to Macy, and he still did whatever every other kid did. He climbed the mountain pad, he slid down the zip wire while concentrating fiercely at holding on, and he ran, danced, and jumped under the parachute and ran around in there by himself while the other kids held the edges down.

He had a blast by the time they were having chocolate cake, juice, and watching Macy open a few presents and then run around the room while her older brother finished the job. *grin*. I'll probably have to get Jet to go to the Little Gym again, sometime. He really wanted to try the balance beam.

So it was a really full weekend.

I even managed to read both Diplomatic Immunity and The Curse of the Chalion. Though both of the books kept me up until about 2 am, and with Jet up at 6 or 7 each morning, there wasn't that much time to recover. Though I did manage a nap or two, I'm still not really caught up

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