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November 27, 2003
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9:31 pm: Thanksgiving Day. It's been good.

We had the Hamiltons over, and had a great dinner. I had a lot of fun putting the dinner together, especially after the meal I made last week. It seemed far more relaxed and easy. Things just happened the way they should.

I did a roast turkey, the gravy from the drippings and from the stock I'd made last week from the turkey we'd had before. It had come out really rich and thick, so the gravy turned out really well. I also did stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes with pecans, and we had rolls and salad left over from last week. So we used them. It was appreciated. I was glad of that.

Jet played well all day. He mostly stayed out of trouble, so long as he had some attention. Whenever we left him completely alone, he'd do something experimental. Like mashing fruit snacks into the carpet. Stuff like that.

But he was great when my mom called and talked with her on the speaker phone for quite some time. That was really cool. John called his parents a bit too late for Jet to talk with them as he was asleep.

The afternoon was good. I slept as soon as I put the turkey into the oven. John was willing to watch it and take care of it. So I got to nap for a good hour and a half, until it was time to turn the turkey. John helped me by keeping the rack in the pan as I tried to wrestle the turkey around. That was good.

Jet had refused to eat anything while I was asleep, so I made myself a smoothie and let him 'steal' it with mild indignation. Competition for his food. Or something. He drank it like it was precious. Then I made myself a plate of crackers, cheese, and added some pepperoni to the plate. Jet 'stole' my pepperoni, and cheerfully ate it all along with a couple of the crackers. We were mostly truing to keep him from eating yet more potato chips. So it seemed a success. John ended up also cooking Jet some ramen, which he ate and drank very cheerfully.

That was cool.

So Jet had eaten quite well before dinner. He ate a roll and asked for fries for dinner, but didn't actually eat any fries. He did eat dessert with the rest of us. It seemed appropriate.

The evening was great. It's been a long time since we'd had Bob, Mei and Andrew over. It was great to talk to them, hug 'em, and feed 'em cheerfully. They were great about expressing their appreciation for the food, and they'd brought a beautiful fruit and cream tart for dessert. Jet was all for that. Jet even sat at the table for a while, banging silverware and clanging his plate until we took them away and gave him a roll. He ate that cheerfully and quieted. He liked being part of the conversation and the party, so that was really neat. I think we'll just have to do that more often. Get Jet to sit with us by making him more apart of things, even if he isn't eating everything we're eating.

Andrew's a great teenager. He's polite, fun, and willing to play at Jet's level with Jet. Jet loved that. Bob does it, too, and Jet really enjoyed that. Everyone watched Monster's Inc. after dinner, as we were so full. It was a lot of fun for everyone because none of them had seen it before.

I am a little scattered because I stayed up until 2 last night between a book and getting up to take care of Jet. I'll probably go to sleep real soon now, as I've had my herbal tea. It's warmed me up enough and gotten more liquids into me. I'm now fighting off the beginnings of another cold, but I think I'll be okay with some sleep.

I have my massage tomorrow, which should be good. I'll need it by then.

I'm thankful for the health that I do have. I'm thankful that medical progress keeps happening. I am very, very thankful for my son and my husband and our friends in all the places that they are, even right here in our home. I'm thankful for the food we've had, the things we've been gifted with and the challenges that face us and make me learn. I am thankful for FoodTV and "Good Eats" and even "Food 911" for the pecan idea and a better understanding of what it's like to cook for hundreds of people.

I am glad of my family, my mother and father and sister, my in-laws, each and every one of them that's made me a definite part of the Rostykus family as well.

And, now, I'll be very thankful for sleep. Mmm... sleep

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