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November 11, 1999
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Scotch Night

Not quite as frustrating a day. I feel a bit like a person chipping away at an ice berg with an ice axe and I *just* started getting the first ice calves to start falling away. The calves seem pretty big, but they're still miniscule compared to the whole thing.

This will work. It really will. I actually got some code done! Went through a list of 50 some-odd pre-feature freeze bugs, which is very good for this new a product. That felt good. Classified, assigned and they're mostly other folks' stuff, but it was good to not have that much more on top of what I already feel overwhelmed with. So I feel much better.

I got code done, after a morning's worth of meetings again, and an afternoon spent getting lots of little things done. Everything from buying my plane ticket to DunDraCon to calling the camera place to say, yes, I really want it fixed. My digital camera is in the shop since the Albuquerque visit, the darned thing stopped working and no battery I replaced was able to get it back together again. Of course, this is the camera that I took on the really bumpy, lumpy, bangy rides through Brekenridge, so I shouldn't be too surprised that something shook loose. They didn't say what, exactly, was wrong, but maybe they will when they actually fix it. Then again, I might just get all new guts, I have no idea.

I also, for the first time since I've moved out here to the land of sun and dryness, called a dentist to make an appointment to get a check up and teeth cleaned. I hate letting it go and my gums have been bleeding on and off for the last few weeks, eventhough I am flossing every night. That is my usual marker that something's going on that I can't take care of myself or fix, so I might as well call in an expert.

So that got done as well. What was really funny was that a co-worker who was finding themselves in a fix for a dentist asked me, today, who I picked and I was able to honestly respond as to who and why. It was cool that the co-worker called them as well, talked to them a while and decided to do as I did. That was very keen. John has to make his appointment sometime, too.

Our network has been really bouncy. Some of the major servers in San Jose plus one or two here have been updated with new Stuff lately. So that's good that they're keeping things updated and Y2K complient and secure and all that. So that's cool, but it's annoying to have everything quit every once in a while, especially while checking in stuff.

Lunch was a burrito. The burrito Man was here! And saved my butt again from the sag of vending maching white bread with meat and pepper cheese veneers masquarading as real food! Thank goodness. I actually had a really yummy chorizo and egg burrito with much yummy potato, beans, veggies and other things all stuffed in there. Yum.

Good stuff.

Yes. I am feeling better. I am getting things done. I am also praised by Carl and Trip and Genevieve who all said that they were glad it was back up. Yay!

I *have* to order the motivational poster with a glacier on it, with just the tip out of the water and it talking about how imagination is about the invisible depths under the visible possibility. Or something like that. I love the picture. I know a lot of folk who would hate it just 'cause it's commercial motivational material. But I love the image and love the idea and think it's the main thing behind everything I do. It's all about imagining what isn't obvious.

Dinner was at the Walnut Brewery with Johanna and John and John and Cary. The five of us went into the brewery for eats and started calling the waitress John as well. Not too obnoxious, especailly after we all filled up on all the Good Eats in that place, we rolled out of there, around the block and then back in next door to the Foundary, which has a fair collection of single malt scotches. There, everyone else had a scotch while I went and got myself a decaf mocha and Johanna had a beautiful 20-year-old tawny port. Yum. We also had a slew of chocolate mice that were filled with chocolate mousse. That was really cool.

It's always really fun to listen to the two Johns when they're together. They both have the imaginative, quirky, and punny sense of humor that plays well of each other. It's really fun to listen to them and just watch them go and strike tangents off each other. Neither were as active as they usually are, both lacked sleep and I think that the Denver air quality is getting to all of us. The lack of precip means a lack of air cleaning and the inversion layer that's giving us 70-80 degree days is also keeping the pollution trapped here. My eyes have been itching for days.

The scotches were really nice, too the first warm and peaty the second very woody and almost sweet. It's fun to sip a bit from the glasses, just taste and enjoy the singular taste rather than drinking the whole thing. I really don't need much of anything to be drunk; but it's much more fun to just enjoy the flavor than anything near a 'drunk.'

Out 'til we were all too tired to stand, and at our age, that was just a little after 9. I *am* getting old. Yeesh.

So we went home and went to sleep. Another day tomorrow.

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