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October 16, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Back to Work And Home

Back at work today. Sorta.

First thing that happened when we got in was an all-hands meeting about a very well thought through reorganization. One of the best things is that nearly none of us on the front lines of working will be affected, it's more just management infrastructure to help deal with the fact that we're likely to double in the next two years and how to coordinate that effectively and shallowly with the upper management we already have. This is the kind of reorg I like to see happening, actually planning for our future rather than only reacting when things start collapsing.

John and I had to leave about halfway through as we had a fish check at 10:30. The doctor turned up really late as someone had unexpectedly gone into labor, but she was cheerful, we got to hear the heartbeat steady as time, answered my questions precisely and usefully and we were done. So the questions I asked were pretty easily answered, which was nice. The first was that I was gaining brown spots and patches all over my body, and she said that it was normal, pregnant women seem to make a lot more of the tinting stuff than normal and it would all go away after the birth. The second was a bit trickier as the book had said that I should swear off all herbal teas, and I asked if stuff like hibiscus flowers and Red Zinger, which have no medicinal properties claimed, would be dangerous? And she said that the reality was that there were no studies, so she couldn't answer one way or the other as no one really knows. But her take was that the non-medicinals were simply unknown, but she'd be more wary of the medicinal claims, stuff like ginseng, ginkoba, and St. John's Wort were to be avoided. I thought and nodded and agreed. The third was easy. I'm supposed to take the flu shot whenever I can get it.

Next check will be a bit more involved with a diabetes check. We ended up scheduling appointments all the way through to the due date and beyond, so that we could be sure of the time.

Since we were in Boulder, I wanted to pick up the contacts I'd ordered a few weeks ago. It was a very quick thing, John just dropped me off, I ran in and got them and then ran back out and made it to where he'd parked. There was a surprising amount of parking in town today and we had no problems finding parking in the lot behind Mustard's Last Stand.

I'd been reminded of the hot dog stand when we were in the Homewood as they're in the Waiters on Wheels menu, and I told John, then, that I'd love to try the place out. It really is pretty good. Specializes in hot dogs and sausages but they also do some mean burgers and fries and a vegetarian chili that's very tasty, filled with beans and good vegetables that are likely really good for me and the fish. I got a chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries and had a very hearty meal along with some surprisingly good ginger ale. John got a jalapeno sausage and more fries and enjoyed them a very great deal as well. I'm probably going to have to go there more often, it's pretty good and filling food and they have tables outside if we wanted to sit in the sunshine during the winter.


The afternoon was spent catching up. Catching up on email, on what happened Friday, on various things I could do around work. It wasn't all that much compared to the crunch of last month, but it was nice to have a chance to just putter a bit.

Around 5 John came to pick me up and we went to Safeway as there was nearly nothing in our fridge. We'd cleaned it out pretty well before leaving. Milk and orange juice needed buying. I wanted to make pot stickers, which meant that John had to get the stove back into place, so that's what he worked on first when we got home. I really like the Costco Ling Ling potstickers made from chicken and vegetables, they freeze really well and are so quick and easy to make well. Just put them in an oiled pan, add water halfway up the sides and then a bit of cider vinegar for taste. Let 'em boil and then fry in the very same pan without any transfers or messy handling of boiled or fried dumplings and they come out perfect every time.

We ate happily. I made myself some hot chocolate and took myself downstairs where I played Final Fantasy VII and died the first time, learned how the battle should be fought and then did it again. When I was done with the long battle sequence at the end of the major first part, John came down to watch for a little bit. It was past 10, though, so I did the wise thing and stopped at the next save point and then went to bed.

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