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October 2, 2001
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Harvest Moon

8:40 pm: The moon rose like a tarnished copper plate, dingy and dark against the edge of the night sky. It was huge, Mt. Rainier huge, like something unmeasurably big lighting the ragged branches of trees starting to lose their leaves. As we headed north and east, the moon rose higher and higher and became cleaner and brighter and smaller against the immensity of the clear night sky. It looked like we were chasing the moon.

Going up and down the hills we got to see the moon rise a couple of times, and ended with it high in the sky over our house with the stars pouring out in the Celestial River.

Once again, a full moon on my birthday. Mom says I was born on the brightest full moon of the year, and this would give proof to it. It's a giant harvest moon, and it's likely that there will be a blue moon for Halloween. That's pretty cool, too.

It was a good birthday. Yesterday was 'take care of myself day' and I took care of something I'd been thinking about for a long time. My left eye has deeper astigmatism than my right, and about ten years ago, when I moved to disposable contact lenses instead of my soft lenses, I gave up my toric lens based astigmatism correction because there weren't toric lenses in the disposables. I needed to move to the disposables from the regular lenses because I was having oxygen deprivation damage on the lenses of my eyes. Bad juju.

The spherical lenses corrected enough for me to drive and to do all the computer work I've been doing in the meantime. I hadn't known that it was getting worse, until my last examination, and my optimologist said that there was new toric technology out for really thin disposable lenses. I decided not to do it then, as I didn't think my left eye was that bad; but in the last six months, I've added up bits and pieces of what I might have missed.

So I wanted to at least try. I called them and they set me up for an appointment at 1, and I got lenses. I feel a bit like I just grew a foot of sight out the left side of my head. It's so clear it's startling, especially distance sight. I'm astonished. It's making my head go a little crazy, as it's trying to wrap itself around the new sight configurations. I'm having a little trouble adjusting in the morning, but I'll have a week to see how that does.

I also had my CeLena appointment, and when I came home Isabel had a meatloaf dinner ready and waiting on the table. That was really cool. So I was pretty set up for today. Work went okay, and we all went into Boulder to meet up with John for dinner.

Jet picked up a cool thing in the last couple of weeks and on the drive into town he was doing it a lot of the way in. John's been using his finger to flip Jet's lips up and down so that Jet can go bu-bo-bu-bo-bu-ba. Jet got to the point where he'll actually vocalize when he feels John do that, so he gets the sound. And lately Jet's been using his own fist on his mouth to make the sound. When he gets really excited he starts with a raspberry and then uses his fist as well and gets a sputtery combination. It's pretty amazing! It amuses me that I'm such a fond momma who loves all these crazy things he does on the way to adulthood.

We all had to get up early this morning because Xilinx was having a memorial for the 9/11 happenings. They were planting a tree at each site, and having a breakfast from which the proceeds would go to the Red Cross. It was a chance for everyone to just get together and remember. Turns out that one of our testing folks was a passenger on one of the planes and another person had lost a sibling, so it touches even us.

The first thing was the breakfast, and Jet got lots of comments about growing really fast as most folks there last saw him at the Founder's Day party, when he was barely a week old and had lost all that liquid weight. A lot of people were amazed by this bright little boy who was peering solemnly at everyone and everything. Breakfast was really good, a buffet with fruit, bakery items, and then a couple of egg casseroles that were really yummy. Juice and coffee and we were all set. Our table kept acquiring more people, and Debbie showed up and happily took over holding Jet while we ate. She took him off when the ceremony started and was cheerfully introducing him to folks.

Jet did great during the ceremony, which had a lot of singing and a few words that our CEO had written to be read at all the sites. It was good enough that I cried a little, and thought a lot. There was a moment of silence, and Jet was great and didn't talk in the middle of it. There's even a picture of him being pretty solemn during it. I'll have to transfer a copy of that picture to his site.

Afterwards, Jet got hungry so Isabel, George and I hightailed it back home. Work was okay for the day, still a lot to do. The four of us then left at 4, after my 3:00 meeting, and met John at work, where they got to see all of the toys around John's area.

I got to pick a place to go to dinner today, and decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory. I was just in the mood for what they had, good, large portions in plentitude with not that much fuss or muss and plenty to keep Jet occupied while we were there. I could have had sushi, but I just wasn't in the mood for it, and it's always better to really want sushi when one has it. I also thought that George and Isabel would like going there and would like the style of food as well as the nice prices on the food. I was glad that I was right on that score.

It was fun to go through the many dozen page menu with everyone, and we all took our times at it, as Jet was fed before we left, and we got John from work and changed Jet just before going into the restaurant, so we had time. We also had a jar of food for Jet so that he would have something more than just the plate of bananas, bread, and oranges, though this time he demolished the bananas and ate a good portion of the bread. He's very much more into solids, now.

With a very great deal of debate I finally settled on the chicken and biscuits. George got the Thai lettuce wraps and Isabel settled on the Tucson chicken salad, also with much indecision, but they both really loved what they got. John really enjoyed his dinner as well, and that was really fun. I was really glad that they had stuff that everyone liked, and George liked his food so much, he ate everything but the red cabbage bowls that all the side things came in. Both Isabel and I had enough food for a whole extra meal leftover. That'll be good for tomorrow.

Jet had a fantastic time, playing and crowing and feeding himself some bits and hanging out to grin at the waitresses and at other babies. I was really glad he was having such a great time, too. He fell asleep for the ride home.

It was a pretty fantastic ride home. Then all of us had chocolate zucchini cake and ice cream. John and Isabel put candles in the pieces of cakes and George and I got to blow them out and they gave us our presents. George got an exercise ball, as he's been enjoying using the one here, and we'll also have a backup for when Jet is fussy when we're in Seattle. That's a useful thing. Isabel had also been interested in what kind of exercises the ball could enable, and the package had a whole set of instructions on the various exercises and stretches that could be done with it. I got the IOU for a lap desk from Levenger, because of all the Visor writing I've been doing, and with my wrist the way it is, having the keyboard up on a table is mildly painful. That should be good in the long run.

At home I had a message from Mom and Dad that wished Jet happy eight month birthday. At the very tail end, when it sounded like they were going to hang up Dad suddenly goes, "Oh! Yeah. Sorry. Happy Birthday to Phyllis, too!" I called them back and had a pretty good talk with both of them, and then Mom tells me that they're sending me a package and that it has four things for Jet in it from their friends. She admonishes me that it's very important to write them thank you notes, and then hangs up. She never mentions anything for me, and I shrug and think it's actually kind of funny.

So it is.

So I had a pretty good birthday, all in all, and enjoyed the day with John, Isabel, George and Jet.

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