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October 3, 2001
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Today was Isabel and George's last full day visiting, us and they made the most of it. I did, too. It was a pretty quiet day, all in all, and I got to go into work, as usual, on Wednesdays. Instead of going out to lunch with folks, I went to Safeway, instead, especially since I was getting home a bit early. That was good.

George spent the day finishing up things in the garage wiring. Isabel did not only Jet's laundry but ours as well, she did all the dishes and cleaned out the refrigerator hydrator drawers and all the goo and yuck out from under them. I was very, very appreciative. I don't think we've gone into those depths since we bought the refrigerator. And it made such a difference to how the fridge looked. There might have been a smell difference, but it wasn't too significant.

John brought home some of the last of the season's sweet corn. I roasted a chicken by just tossing on a bit of salt and pepper and canola oil and popped it in breast side down and turned it back over half way through and stuck the thermometer in. When the beeper went off, dinner was done.

Isabel and George spent most of the evening playing with Jet, and taking the last of their pictures, including pictures of Jet with his new butterfly quilt. The story of the quilt is kind of funny. Back when I was in graduate school and I was doing more sewing, I was in a fabric store and happened on this fabric that I just loved. The pattern on the fabric was just rainbow butterfly wings, so thick that was all there was, and each wing was limed in gilt.

I got nearly seven yards of the stuff. I don't know what I was going to do with it. I finally gave it to Isabel, in lieu of donating it to some organization that would use it and she gave it to Eastgate Congregational's quilting ladies. They made a quilt from it, with alternating blocks of velvet in everything from deep midnight blue to forest green with all the shades of blue and green in between. The backing was the butterfly cloth. It shimmers.

Isabel called me to ask me if I had any emotional attachment to the cloth and I said sure. I thought it was beautiful, but it's even more beautiful actually used for something. It's a bit big for Jet's crib, and it'll be a bit small for a twin bed, but it should be a good throw for when the nights get too cold and just one more layer will be welcome. In the meantime, it's just really lovely to have, and they took pictures of Jet playing in the midst of a field of butterflies.

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