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September 30, 2001
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Dinner With Ray

8:41 pm: We have absolutely no idea why, but Jet had a lot of gas last night, and was up for whole hours last night. It wasn't that he was awake and wanted to play, he'd just wake up crying every time we tried to put him down between 2-3 and from 5-6. We finally gave up with the last one and just fed him and handed him to his grandparents. They took care of him and he napped for half an hour for them, eventually.

John slept in until 10, in part to make up for the last several weeks, and in part just to make up for the last couple of nights and for the whole time he's been concentrating on the garage. George couldn't last that long, so he made himself some oatmeal, and when John actually did get up the three of us had blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. It was really good food, and we all ate quite a lot. The pancakes were big and fluffy and filled with juicy blueberries from the freezer. I'm still impressed with how well a frozen blueberry cooks. We had yogurt, some of that blueberry essence, and plenty of real maple syrup.

George had gotten the pictures from Target when they'd gone to Home Depot yesterday and they took all the pictures out this morning. Jet really looks like a little Tibetan boy, okay, a Tibetan boy wrapped up in a Cookie Monster bunting, if you look close enough. But he also looks so serious up there. It's interesting that for so many pictures he smiles wholeheartedly, but for these he's so serious. There were a lot of other really great shots as well, and we'll probably get reprints of a lot of them and scan in a few for his web page, eventually. It's going to take a bit more time than his regular pictures, but some of the ones George got in Grand Lake are well worth the effort.

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon at home. John and George thumped about putting wiring in to the new garage and wired up the garage for all the lights and switches as well. Isabel and I puttered about the house, read, and when Jet fell asleep while nursing on me, I went up and posted more of the entries I had ready. I've stalled for the trip's account, so it is probably not going to be until next week that I get those and most of last week done.

Jet woke up and Isabel fed him and he was good and hungry and ate a whole lot of solids. Then they took off, with George, for a walk while John and I went back to Home Depot and Napa Auto Parts. I just needed out of the house. I get out so rarely during the week, I usually look forward to going out on the weekends, but with all the work to be done on the garage, we've just stayed home. I was a little stir crazy, and John knew it without even having to be told. So he took me on his errands.

We had fun. It was so nice to just be able to run around and get things without hauling Jet and his stuff. Such a simple thing felt so good.

The first stop was Napa, as we had to get the Green Monster a new battery before the shippers were picking him up tomorrow morning. It was necessary to start the Monster to load him up, and John also emptied our gas can into the Monster, so there would be some gas to get the beast up into the truck. Good enough to get the beast to the doctor that bought him. Turns out that the doctor, who is in New Jersey, had bought the Green Monster the weekend before the 11th, and we hadn't heard from him after that. Turns out that he was called in to help deal with the aftermath. He had been so busy with that he hadn't been able to deal with getting the shipping lined up for the Monster. Not that that was any problem for us, it was just startling to be just that one link away in a way we hadn't expected.

Home Depot was fun. John hung out in the electronics area, getting called The Customer Of The Year by one of the helper guys. I wandered over to lumber, and peered about for dowels. I needed a new eight inch rolling pin, the one that John had cut me from salvaged closet rod had started losing splinters off the outside. I don't want splinters in my food, and it had been pretty soft wood, but the concept had been proven. I could buy myself a hardwood dowel and use a piece off it for the same jobs and it would last, especially with a bit of finishing work. I managed to find a solid oak 1 1/4 inch dowel that was plenty long. I can probably get a normal rolling pin as well as my little guy out of it.

We got home to find Jet standing up with help from Isabel. He was providing the leg power while she provided the balance, and he was pretty pleased with himself. He would push and she would help and then he'd laugh until his legs gave out and then they'd sit and rest a while and he'd do it all again.

I was pretty full and Jet was pretty glad to see me, so we nursed for a good forty minutes, and the phone rang while we were doing that. It was Ray, he'd just been to Home Depot himself and was laughing over John's message. He decided to go to dinner with us, and I said leaving at 5:30 would be good. He said he'd be over and we'd head in together. That would be cool.

John rode over with Ray and got to talk with him for a while with some questions that Ray had asked over the week and some things John wanted to talk over as well. The six of us ended up at Deli Cioso's at the same time and we headed in and read the menu together for a while. Finally, I headed for the counter, and we all drifted over. When everyone was done ordering, John paid for everything quite cheerfully, and Jet raspberried emphatically as folks protested mildly. Jet has been raspberrying today quite a lot again. I was kind of surprised at just how often he was doing it.

It was great, again, to catch up with Ray. We got to hear from him that Joan's first question to him when she called was 'How is Jet?' That got John and I to giggle a lot. It was cool to hear from Ray that he was pretty firm about his kids not squirming or turning or doing much of anything other than being still when they were changed. I have just been putting up with it from Jet, not really knowing that there was anything else, but I could see how it could get to be a real problem when Jet's even bigger. It was useful to have yet another viewpoint on that.

Dinner itself was wonderful. I had an onion, cheese, and beef enchilada, rice and beans, and a carnitas taco. It was hot, tasty and ready real quickly. All positive things. Everyone enjoyed their food, which was good.

After dinner, we dropped by Safeway, and Isabel and George stayed with Jet while John and I wandered about the store happily and got exactly what was on the list. There wasn't time for wandering or picking up things randomly, and it was kind of good to just get it done and get out of there. We got gas on the way home from there, John refilling the gas can, and Jet alternated yelling and raspberrying until he was yelling more and more and more as we headed home. He was obviously hungry and getting hungrier. Finally he was just crying nonstop just as we were pulling into the driveway. We got him out quickly and piled him into his high chair and John started shoveling fruit into Jet's mouth while Isabel heated the last of the spinach and potatoes.

I went and took a bath. I needed to be alone as much as I needed the hot soak. I just lit a candle or three and turned out the lights and sank into the heat and tried not to listen to Jet complaining between mouthfuls. Eventually he got more and more quiet and I guess the edge to his hunger had gone away and I didn't hear him at all. I just sunk into my citrus scented bath and breathed slow and deep and watched the flames flicker in the motion of air over the hot bath. I needed that. Needed to not interact with people anymore and needed to just exist in the dark for a bit.

That was nice.

I got out eventually and found everyone out in the livingroom, watching Jet trying to crawl forward and getting really frustrated with the fact that he could only go backwards. He would face the thing he wanted and he'd reach a certain amount, but if it was beyond that, and he tried just that much harder, he'd start going backwards. Jet hasn't quite learned the muscle controls to go forward, yet, and when John tried moving one of his legs forward, Jet fell forward on his face. Jet's balance is still all based on his sitting and trying to keep that as his basis of balance, as that's what his body has practiced for balance. He isn't sure how to balance on his knees, but he's getting gradually better and better at balancing on his shins.

It's pretty amazing to watch. Especially since Jet's trying so hard that he was panting really hard and almost half crying. Every time he'd stop for a breather, though, he was all smiles and would grin at everyone encouraging him. His arms are really strong now, and there are big upper arm muscles, so he's definitely building the muscular strength. His legs are like rubber bands, he can fold them under him forwards or backwards and he doesn't care. It's all the same to him. It's a good thing, too, given his present modes of locomotion, it's almost necessary that he be that flexible. Jet also uses his feet as a pivot point, when he gets back onto his legs and he has his feet underneath him, he can and will pivot in any direction easily. That's pretty fun for him to do and he likes doing it now.

Finally, John, Isabel and George took Jet up for a bath. It's his last before they leave, so they had a great time and John got good pictures. I got a little time to write.

I've been taking the ibuprofen for the last two weeks and the wrist and thumb were feeling better by the end of all that. I stopped taking them yesterday, and that might have been one factor in Jet's bad night. The thumb and tendons ache a bit today, but it's not bad, yet. It is less good than when I was taking the stuff, but it's still better than when I went back to the doctor. So that's some progress. I'll have to see if ice helps and/or if the pain is simply from holding the thumb away from the painful positions for so long. Sadly, typing is starting to make it feel worse. I really don't want to give up my Visor so soon after getting it back again.

Jet dropped off to sleep while nursing, and we sat around watching Emeril, eating cheesecake, and drinking herbal tea for a while and talking about things. John talked about hurricanes and tornadoes and George piped up with a description of a town in Oklahoma after a twister had gone through it. My. First hand experiences have something to them that no other kind of account can have.

Jet went to sleep quietly. Hopefully his full day will make for a quiet night. Okay, okay, I know how many times I've said that... I can always hope.

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