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October 4, 2001
three years ago
four years ago

Some Things Ventured

8:26 pm: We took George and Isabel to DIA first thing in the morning. John had a 9:30 meeting he had to get back for, so we left pretty early. Jet got up earlier, though, at a bit before 6. He ate off me and then went and played with his grandparents while they finished setting stuff up to leave. They all had a great time, I could hear Jet laughing through the house's ventilation system. That was pretty cool.

I only got to sleep an extra thirty minutes, after that; but it wasn't nearly enough. I think I'm pretty much even on sleep compared to when they first arrived. The early mornings and the need to get work done have kind of conspired to make it hard for me to catch up while they were here. So I'm tired and Jet was tired enough that he went to sleep on the way to the airport and he didn't wake up when we arrived. That was a little bit sad, but he'd had such a great time with them earlier that it wasn't bad.

It was very nice when they told us that they'd had a great time with us; and that they'd even be willing to come along as babysitters if we wanted to go to Hawaii with them sometime. I liked that.

We raced home. John set me up with a cleaned house, a nursing, awake Jet, and all the instructions I needed to get the Passat to the Allstate assessor to get an assessment of the damage. He was going to do it, but we had conflicting meetings, his was from 9:30-11, and mine was from 10-11, so he went into work to do his, and I stayed at home for mine. There was the possibility of an adventure for Jet and I, and I thought it could be fun, though it was a lot to do.

It didn't help that during my meeting, my boss suddenly realized that I had to get something to him by tomorrow. It was also a fairly significant something, that pretty much flattened tired me. It was so much to do so quickly with so many other things that were screaming at me to get done as well. Even with John's mom and dad I hadn't gotten that far, and now I was juggling Jet as well as this other job.

Admittedly, part of my problem was that I didn't want to see my Passat. I hadn't wanted to see the damage, have it brought home to me just how hurt my poor car was. For all that everyone was saying that it was going to get fixed, it was still painful to see it damaged, and I'd avoided it as much as I could. On the other side of all that was that I wasn't used to, anymore, having to leave Jet alone while I did stuff; and with his new mobility it wasn't as safe to leave him lying somewhere he could play. After two weeks of someone watching him whenever I wasn't, it was a leap of faith to leave him on the livingroom floor so I could get his seat secured to the backseat of the Passat.

He did just fine. I often think that it's always the parents that are more insecure than the baby, but then the baby doesn't really know all the things that there are to be insecure about.

My wrist hated me for putting Jet into the car seat, but I told myself that it wasn't going to be for that many times, and it really is better than it was a few weeks ago. We then took off for Longmont, followed the map and the mildly vague instructions and found the place on the second pass through. The adjuster was with someone else, and Jet and I waited in the front waiting room. Jet got to play with one of those wire things with bead, and while he was minutely interested in the beads, he was really happy banging away on the wires and making them quiver. All the women in the office oohed and ahh'ed over Jet and the secretary for the place was the mother-in-law of the agent running the place, and she liked having Jet over to visit with her, so we did that for a while.

John had said that it should all only take a few minutes. We spent forty five minutes waiting on the rather late running adjuster, and then she spent another half hour going over the car and telling me that she couldn't see part of it so her estimate was about half the estimate of the guy doing the work. Grrr... oh well. I got the paper work and the check from her, and Jet and I went back into the car, and he started fussing because he was hungry. I was hungry, for that matter, and I called John and felt bad about telling him the amount of the estimate, but he said that it wasn't a problem. It was the start of the whole process of getting my car fixed, and that it would adjust itself when the guy took off the panel the adjuster couldn't get around and he would describe the problem to her and she'd up the adjustment as necessary to get the car fixed well.

That felt somewhat better. I was pretty tired and almost decided to just go home, but finally the bit of John that's rubbed off on me gave me a hug and said, "Go eat chicken wings..."

So Jet and I went to the big parking lot across from the library and pulled into a spot and it was pointed up a little, though it was facing the street. I then pulled Jet over, and he settled in to greedily nurse off me while I got to watch all the people walk by, the cars drive by, and peacefully sit for a while as Jet ate and grew more content. It was a nice spot because no one could see Jet at all, and I could see everything.

The Wing Hut does five heats of wings and five different flavors of wings. They also do Cajun food, and sell live crawfish and hush puppies of the plain or jalapeno variety. I saw them the one time we found the library, and I had really wanted to try them, but when I actually had arrived, with Jet in arm, I wasn't at all sure what I really wanted off the menu. Finally, I settled on the wimpy wings and an order of their Cajun supreme, which was a bunch of crawfish and seafood in a cream sauce over rice. The young man behind the counter was very solicitous and gave me a can of the pop I'd ordered while I waited, and then the packed up big bags of food for me. They even asked if I needed help to the car, and I graciously turned them down. Jet was wonderful and stayed pretty still on the walk back to the car, and promptly fell asleep as we drove home.

I sat down at the diningroom table and ate sharply vinegary wings in a really tasty red pepper and butter sauce. It wasn't especially hot, which was really cool to know that I could trust at least that calibration. The Cajun Supreme thing was really spicy, creamy, and wonderful on the rice bed. There were crisp chunks of fresh seafood, and lots of vegetables and a little bit of okra. A little bit of okra is nice texture, a lot is just food snot, but a little is tasty and makes for interesting contrast.

So it had definitely been worth doing.

Another thing that was worth doing was following Ray's advice from this last weekend. I simply, firmly didn't allow Jet to turn over while I was changing him, and in just a day or two he now lies on his back and stays there while I change him. I haven't had to be loud or mad or violent or anything other than quiet, firm, and unrelenting about getting him to stay on his back. He gets frustrated for a bit, but then is quite calm about lying there and, perhaps, playing with a toy in his hands. That was definitely a good thing to try.

John came home, and I tried to tackle more work with a brain made of cotton. So finally I gave up when the cleaning ladies came. I nursed Jet in the basement and let them be done. When they were done, we ate some of the leftover chile, and then tried to go for a walk.

The sky had been overcast for most of the day, just cooling it off enough to make life easy. But with the evening there was a change in the barometer, and now the wind whipped through, bringing stinging, spitting rain with it. We got as far as the end of the driveway and I said, "Let's not do this." And John listened, and we went back into the warm house, poured hot tea, and had a very cozy evening.

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