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October 6, 2001
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Errands Day

9:33 pm: Jet had just an awful night last night, mostly due to being gassy and upset. He was only sleeping for an hour or two at a stretch, and ended being up five times with getting up at 5:30 and sleeping fitfully on my chest, waking up every ten minutes to cry as something moved through his gut until about 7. Then he nursed, and went back to sleep until nearly 8. It definitely gave John a bit of time to catch up a little from the earlier bit of the night. John and I had alternated for much of that, and that had helped both of us.

Still, when I'd tried to go back to sleep at 7, when Jet went to sleep. I found that the most I could do was just rest in bed, while still awake. So I decided that I'd get up with John and the three of us went out for breakfast at the Egg and I in Longmont. That was actually quite the good idea.

I was very, very, very happy with the corned beef hash, with the two medium fried eggs, and a small container of hollandaise. Jet cheerfully made noise, got the waitress and two other couples to all smile at him. It's kind of fun watching the instincts of a baby at work, getting other people to like him. He also had fun playing and learning more about how far he can go to grab things, how gravity works, and how his voice works. He got pretty loud occasionally, but amid the din of a busy diner it wasn't that noticeable or annoying, from what I could tell of the expressions of the people around me.

From there we went to Kohl's to shop for some jeans for me and some bigger, long-sleeved onesies for Jet so that he'd stay warm in the colder weather. I found that jeans of the size I already have would fit, so I didn't really need to get more jeans. I had just pessimistically assumed that I couldn't fit into the old stuff anymore. One could find was five dollar DVD's of the whole Encyclopedia Britannica, so I got one of those, as I always like reading encyclopedias. After the shopping trip, on the way home, Jet fell asleep after his rough night, and since I'd had as rough a night, when we got home, I did the trick of sleeping in the bedroom with him. We got two hours of sleep while John puttered about, inside or out.

At lunch time John wasn't hungry, but I kind of was, so I had a yogurt and then we went off on another serial line of things to do. We dropped off the recycling, which often reduces our garbage output to half it would other wise be. Then to Home Depot to return a few things, and then an oil drop off, as John had changed the oil in the Baby Buggy while we were asleep, and a car parts store by Safeway takes the oil to recycle it. Then the stocking of the fridge and pantry at Safeway. I think that three months ago, this long a series of errands would have pretty much been impossible with Jet. This time, on the way home, Jet was talking to us the whole way back in a pretty cheerful conversational style.

I nursed him, and then he played with me. Jet's reaching for more stuff, reaching further, faster, and with more ferocity. He totally sacrificed his body to try and grab the newspaper, and the thud as his body hit made the floor vibrate, but he was happy as a clam as he got to grab the paper and wave it, crinkling all the while, in the air. I was very impressed by that.

John finished what he was doing and took over while I started to make dinner. I had bought two nice, cheap, cube steaks, and floured them, egg washed 'em and floured them and then pan fried them. When they were done I nuked French cut string beans and dashed together some instant mashed potatoes and opened a jar of jarred gravy. I tasted the gravy and was so overcome with horror, that I put a tablespoon of butter in the pan that I'd fried the steaks in, added some flour, cooked it until it smelled nutty and then poured a can of beef broth into it while stirring furiously. Now that is gravy good enough for chicken fried steaks and mashed potatoes. It actually tasted good enough that the cheapness of the rest of the ingredients didn't impinge on the satisfaction that that dinner gave us.

One really fun incident came after the jarred gravy made me very sad, John came over with Jet in arm, and when John kissed me on the cheek, Jet leaned over and planted his face on my other cheek. Yay! Two kisses from my boys!

That was cool.

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