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October 7, 2001
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Catching Up

9:44 pm: A very quiet day today, mostly because I spent most of the daylight hours trying to fill in the last week of the month of September. I'm woefully behind on my journal, mostly because my wrist has been hurting, and partially because I've been writing blurbs now and then for my LiveJournal account. It's not like this journal, it's just the thoughts and small blurbs of the instant, but it does take some of my thoughts from here that I didn't want to just duplicate.

I did use some of my livejournal stuff to fill in, but there is still more detail here. Plus, I don't get around to any weekend stuff at all over there, as I only dash of thoughts while I'm waiting for something to happen while I'm working, i.e. when something is taking a while to come up or I need an answer from someone before I can do the next thing I need to do. I did manage to get through all of September. I may have to skip a few days in October. That will be okay.

John did all the cooking we did today. He made wonderful waffles for breakfast. I think that I'd been tempted by waffles at the Egg & I yesterday, and that had prompted him to do waffles just a bit more. I'd been lucky yesterday and decided to buy a bit more of the Krusteze whole wheat and honey pancake mix, as John did need a bit more than we'd had before yesterday. We go through the stuff so quickly. We'd also gotten the Johnsonville maple sausages and they were really tasty with the waffles. Warm Grade B maple and the blueberry compote were all very good on the crisply crusted waffles, and it was quite a memorable meal.

Lunch was good, too, smoked turkey and sharp cheddar on dark rye, toasted in the waffle iron as well until it was crisp on the outside, melted and hot on the inside. He also heated tomato soup and we had a meal with corn chips, baby carrots, and pop.

John did wonderfully and had Jet for most of the day, especially in the morning. Jet woke up at 5:30 after getting up twice, and then wouldn't go back to sleep, so John took him and played with him. When I got up at 8:30, Jet thought about going to sleep while nursing, but it wasn't until 11 that he actually did go to sleep. Then he slept for two hours straight. John got stuff done outside while that was going on and I worked away cheerfully at all the writing I had to do.

It's much more intimidating having to do it all at once. I really prefer doing it a bit each night, but not only has my wrist been giving me mild problems, but the time right before Jet gets his last feeding has been time that I'm now finding that it's easier to just hold him, sometimes, and that kind of precludes writing. Also the time after he's asleep I'm finding that I, more often than not, just go to sleep immediately to make sure that I take advantage of the time that he is asleep. So my usual writing times have been disrupted.

I just have to find another time or make one of those work.

I finally unburied myself at 5,and went down to nurse Jet while John figured out what he needed at Home Depot and called Outback to arraigned dinner for us. We took Jet for a short walk, just in the neighborhood, before we left, and it was really pretty out, but definitely with the edge of winter. The late day was clear and sunny, but the sun was definitely slanting down much sooner, and the air that moved around us was crisp with cold. John told Jet that he'd missed his first fall, that there just hadn't been any and we hoped he could have a fall, someday.

Jet was great all day. He is even that much more mobile. He'd worked his way from the bookshelves all the way around the exercise ball and managed to grab hold of the cloth on our really old end table. John only heard Jet suddenly chuckle with joy, and found him pulling the cloth, which is under the biggest houseplant we have. Whee... John rescued both Jet and the plant and put Jet back on his play pad. It had only taken Jet a few minutes to get all the way across the room and around the big obstacle of the ball.

The trip to Home Depot was mildly disappointing for John. Jet went to sleep on the way there, and I napped in the car with him while John went to get shelves for the garage. He had a hell of a time in line while trying to get checked out. Then the four shelves he got didn't fit into the Baby Buggy at all, and when he opened the Buggy to put everything in he woke up Jet, who started crying. John had to go and return the shelves he couldn't put into the car, and I was left with a crying Jet, whom I managed to wrangle into my lap and he quieted for a while. Then, of course, more settled, Jet decided that the brake and gears of the Baby Buggy would be fun to play with. So I let him lean over and pat all the controls as much as he wanted to, but then he started fussing and I started thinking about going back into the store to see what had happened to John. Of course, at that instant someone pulled in next to us, so closely I couldn't get out. Luckily, that was the instant that John showed up. Whew.

Poor John had gotten caught in line hell trying to return the shelves. He talked about it as we made our way to the Outback and our dinner was actually quite nice. Jet did great, and inhaled four ounces of garden vegetables after we'd ordered. He was so hungry John couldn't get it into him fast enough. It was amazing, and Jet was opening his mouth really big to get as much as he could in every bite. The problem was that Jet was also fascinated with everything and everyone going around him, so his head was whipping around in all directions, and when a waitress went behind him, he went from one side to the other so quickly that John drew a line of food across Jet's face. That was pretty funny.

I also had a discussion with the waitress as to what constituted well and medium and rare. I finally ended up getting my rack of lamb done medium instead of medium rare because I'd had problems before with this particular restaurant serving really, really raw rack of lamb. I theorize that it has something to do with the fact that the bones are still in it, and that the kitchen cooks things by timing them instead of testing them to a particular temperature. What's worse is that they cook the racks the same way they cook the steaks and expect exactly the same results.

So I ordered medium, and I got medium rare, as expected. That was good. To get what I expected from what I asked the waitress, which was do they put the racks on a timer or do they use a thermometer, she said it was timed. Which explains it, as bone-in cuts always take longer than boneless, and most of the steaks are boneless, but the rack of lamb isn't.

Jet got fussy when I was about halfway through my meal, so I put him in my lap and he immediately reached for the bones from my rack. So I made sure all the loose bits were off it and let him suck on it. He loved it, loved the juices and the taste of the bone, and I now know that he is, indeed, a carnivore as well. Omnivore, to be exact, but he does like the taste of meat. There are some babies that don't, they refuse to eat meats and only like the vegetable preparations of baby food.

Home again, home again, and Jet got a relaxed bath upstairs. We got him good and clean, and then let him play in the warm water for a while. He loved splashing and getting the cup and duck to bob wildly in the water. He just liked looking at his hand in the water, and the feel of it against his hand and his body. He seemed to love just being in there and fussed a little when taken out. Quite the change from when he was a newborn and would cry through every bath. I could see doing this more often, though it's just horrible on my back.

I think it was all the solids he ate, but he wasn't that hungry for nursing when the time came, though, with judicious burping and a bit of the anti-gas drops, he did finally relax in my arms and went to sleep. John followed soon after, as he usually gets up when Jet does, so it's best that he goes to sleep when Jet does. I decided to write a bit and now I'm going to sleep.

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