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October 8, 2001
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Joan's Back. Yay!

9:31 pm: For the first time in about a month, Jet got up only once last night. I was up at 3, with really full breasts, wondering if he'd get up and he did. That worked out remarkably well. I am still entirely uncertain about what happens when he starts sleeping through the night and I have to deal with really full boobs while trying to sleep. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, and with all the solids he's eating now, he's eating less often during the day and that may well help me at night.

It was really cool to see Joan and talk over the time apart. She was very impressed by Jet's progress in the last three weeks and she said that she showed everyone Jet's picture while she was visiting everyone. That was pretty cool. It really is a bit like Jet's one of her Other Kids, kind of like Bernt is the Fifth Rostykus brother.

Jet was pretty cheerful when he got there, and he kind of watched me leave, not crying or anything, but a bit solemn. I'd also seen, however, Jet's smile on meeting Haley again, so I thought it should be okay. He did just fine and played like crazy for the whole time he was there. I was really surprised when he didn't do more than a half hour nap during the day.

I had my checkup with my optometrist, and she got me a new left lens. The other was mildly overcorrecting, so while the far stuff was really clear, the near stuff was a struggle. The odd thing was that the moment I put the new lens in I could feel relief in my focussing. It was pretty immediate. She said that she was ordering another lens that should do even better in my eye, and it should be ready in a few days and in the meantime I should wear this one instead of the one she gave me last week. With the curvature of my eye, the lens was sitting at a bit of an angle. So she was correcting for that as well.

Since they're pretty comfortable, I think we'll do okay with all this. I also found out that the glasses from two decades ago are okay for my eyesight, and possibly even better than my lenses for reading, as they're each one whole diopter weaker than my present prescription. Old glasses. She said I'd have to have another examination before getting an updated pair. I may pass on it if I stay with the toric lens and it's looking like I might.

The afternoon and evening were pretty solid. Just another meeting for me, and John took Jet out to peer at the garage and work on some stuff. The inspector was here today and approved all the electrical stuff that he and George had put in, so that was a very good thing. The building is pretty much ready to be used. Wow. It's the same color as the house, and it all works together as a set of buildings. John's even moving stuff out to his work garage, now, in anticipation for the coming season.

Dinner was a frozen thing, Safeway mini-tamales with refried beans and salad; because I'd completely forgotten about the ground turkey we'd bought over the weekend. So, after diner, I made meatballs with the ground turkey, made them and baked them and then froze them for instant meals when we didn't have this much time. They should be good. Sometimes I regret frozen pre-prepared meals, but when I make 'em myself, I don't feel quite as bad.

Jet had a wonderful day. He played with whomever had the time to play with him, and by the end of the day, he was tired, but still pretty game. He ate well today, too, trying out the new peaches, bananas and oatmeal along with some old standbys of chicken, corn, and squash and his morning cereal. I don't know if it's the food, the new bunting or the fact that we switched back to cloth diapers with a doubler to help keep him dry at night instead of the disposables; but something made it so that he was fine all but once during the night.

Yay! We'll keep experimenting.

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