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October 10, 2001
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Previous Lives

11:24 am: John and I drove together to work for the very first time since February second of this year. It's been a while. Given that for many years (Seven? Ten? And three to five years before that?) before that we'd carpooled every day, it was quite a deal to be driving in together again. It's funny but I think I really missed this a very great deal, more than any other lost part of my previous life.

It really has been a series of lives. I guess I've always had some sympathy for the interpretation of Buddhist reincarnation as a representation of our present lives, that they really are a multiplicity in themselves and enlightenment was attained through bringing the least amount of baggage into the next stage, good or bad baggage. This particular incarnation has felt pretty light. But Jet's going to strand through everything for a while.

It was really neat to be able to drive in with him again, to talk and just be together and enjoy the ride and the radio and talk about stuff. John's decided to go in with me on Wednesday and go home with me as well, at least until the Passat is fixed. We liked it so much, though, that he's going to ask his boss if it would be okay for him to do this regularly. I'd really like that.

6:57 pm: Jet's had a really grumpy day today, though he'd done fine at Joan's and seemed to have had a great time playing there. He was only up twice last night, though he woke up at 6:15, and I fed him then before handing him over to John. Jet's been not all that happy about eating solids today and has basically nursed off me every two hours for much of the day and complaining when he couldn't. That doesn't bode well for tonight, but we'll see if the antics of today make him really tired tonight. Getting him to nap, again, was really hard.

Morning work went fine. I was greatly encouraged to find that my boss feels as completely overwhelmed as I do. Yes, that's a good thing, as we're covering some of the same sorts of things, just from two different viewpoints. Lunch was with Cary and Chad at Efrain II's, and John and I were late because his meeting ran long, but the food was great, the service was good, and my first afternoon meeting had been moved back an hour. Yay!

Jet also surprised me in the home office this afternoon and went forward three times in a row while on all fours. He moved his hands and arms like with crawling, but he hopped with both knees together to pull his legs forward. That was amazing to see. Jet was pretty happy with himself because he was then able to tackle my purse and suck on all the buckles and straps. So that was a rather bright spot.

He's also taken to playing tug-of-war with a washcloth every once in a while. I admit to encouraging him with, "Tug tug tug! Tug tug tug!" And managed to finally say, "Okay, enough, let go now." before gently taking it away from him. Playing during play time is good, but it's often good to know when to stop, too. It was a lot like playing with a puppy, and he was having a blast with the little contest.

8:23 pm: Jet managed to nap for an hour around dinner, and it's like he's a completely different baby. He's happy, calm, and totally into playing with everything in sight and with John as well. It's really amazing how cool he is when he's not too tired. I kind of wish that there was a way to get him to nap regularly at a particular time, but I'm really not willing to let him just lie in his crib and cry himself to sleep, either. I have been trying to make things more conducive to napping earlier in the afternoon, but he seems to really fight it so long as there's anything that might be interesting going on.

Then again, when Jet's really tired, he goes to sleep in the most amazing places, like the middle of the party at Isabel and George's and in my arms at the little party we had for Bob just a few weekends ago, so it's not like Jet doesn't sleep when he's really tired. Maybe I need to do more with him in the early afternoon. Tuesday he napped at 4, which worked out really well, and I'd played with him and taken him for a walk. So I may just need to do that.

I think kid time is much shorter in span than adult time. There's so much less time to compare with and I remember when I was a kid that a minute felt like forever. So Jet's relative lives may be as short as half a day... and he has very, very little luggage to haul along with him.

Dinner was crisp fish slabs and oven fries with salad. John was great and cooked while I was nursing Jet and finally put him down for a nap and he stayed down. I took advantage of the lull and baked cookies and they came out gooey, chewy and wonderful. I really do like the Nestle chocolate chunk refrigerator cookies, there's something really nice about being able to just heat up an oven and get cookies in minutes.

Cookies and milk are a good ending to this day.

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