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October 17, 2001
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Getting The Passat Back

8:45 pm: John got the cold today, too. I was totally miserable last night. Luckily, Jet had a great night, only got up around midnight and then slept in until 7:30, so I was so full of milk by morning I was dripping. Jet had a calm breakfast in his room.

I wonder if the whole procedure of cleaning his nose, which he hates, and checking his diaper every time he wakes up at night has given him some semblance of aversion to waking up at night? It would be a very strange way to get to him sleeping for the whole night.

Jet didn't take more than a twenty minute nap all day, so when John and I went out with him on our walk at 8 pm, Jet fell dead asleep in the stroller. He's snoring now, gently, in the corner of the kitchen, next to the wreckage of the box from Levenger that held my birthday present from John and his parents. It's a nice little cherry wood lap desk. It has a cushion for my legs and the surface is solid enough to rest a coffee cup on and my whole Targus and Visor setup. I really like it.

I got four good hours of work in this morning. Despite my awful night. My head seemed pretty clear during the day and that really paralleled Jet being relatively happy during the days. John called at lunch time and came home and made us grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. I gratefully gulped down my lunch and then ran off to get Jet.

He'd done great at Joan's, though Haley had woken him up from his nap after he'd only had a twenty minute nap. He had eaten solids and formula happily and done really well and played like crazy. He's gradually crawling forward a bit more with each day, and Joan saw him do it a bit more. I took him home, nursed him and thought I was going to put him down for a nap when he woke up yelling.

John took him then, as I had a 2'o'clock meeting. I did that cheerfully enough, but heard Jet wailing for most of it. Poor Dad. John's head was splitting from the cold and the crying wasn't helping him at all. We loaded Jet into the Baby Buggy, and he quieted at the new environment. We then took off to get the Passat from the Body Shop.

The back end looks better than when we bought it! The paint is totally new, the whole back end is nicely aligned, when we bought it the back bumper had been knocked off from true and hadn't been repaired. This body shop did a beautiful job aligning it and making it perfectly straight. So the Passat is better than when we bought it. I'm very glad.

I stalled it starting it up. It's been quite some time since I drove a manual car, I guess, and I just wasn't used to it. I got it home safely enough, and then John got a nap while I nursed Jet. I was sure Jet would fall asleep, but he fought when I tried to put him into his car seat. I probably should have tried the stroller. Next time. Anyway, I let him latch on again and we both lay down on the couch and we both drowsed there until some damned telemarketter rang the phone four times and only left a click on the machine. I had to get up to clear it out as the stupid message machine beeps continuously while it has a message on it.

So Jet and I were up and I heard John's alarm go off, but didn't hear him getting up. I thought a bit about dinner, and peered in the pantry for the bundle of Vietnamese rice noodles for Pho. I found a bundle, so I went downstairs and pulled out a brick of oxtail pho soup I'd frozen back when I'd made the stuff last spring. I tucked the block of soup in a bowl in the fridge, put enough noodles for the two of us to soak in a bowl of cold water, and when John did get up, I went to sleep for an hour.

When I got up, I pulled a frozen filet mignon from the freezer, only partially thawed it and then shaved as much of it as thinly as possible. Then I started a pot of hot water and sliced a scallion. I also took four lettuce leaves and broke them up into bite sized pieces. I got the soup to thaw in the microwave and got it onto the heat as well. When the soup looked like it was about to boil, I dumped in the lettuce, the thicker pieces of filet, and half the scallions. I then put the soaked noodles into the boiling water and as soon as it came back to boiling again, I scooped the noodles into two big bowls.

Over the noodles, I layered the shaved beef and the rest of the slices scallions. When the soup came to nearly a boil again, I took it off the heat and ladled it over the beef. It cooked the thin slices instantly, and I put lettuce and cooked scallions and the thicker pieces of beef into each bowl. I topped it all with a shake or two of fish sauce, and we had dinner.

It felt so good.

Soup and slurpy noodles and crisp vegetables and velvet soft meat. It was all really, really good, and with the soup bricks it was amazingly fast. I was very happy with the results, and the soup really cleared my sinuses and gave both of us relief from our colds. Jet liked the broth, though he doesn't quite know how to eat soup, yet. It's going to be a little while before he can actually use soup as a comfort from a cold. But it was all so good given our conditions.

Joan said that with our colds it'd probably be wise to just get up and drop Jet off at her place and go back to sleep. I wish I could do that. I have this deadline that needs to be made Friday, so I'm kind of doomed. Still, I should be able to work uninterrupted in the morning.

Jet's gone to sleep just fine, though his nose is still bothering him pretty badly. I guess all colds are worse when one is tired, and better in the morning after a night's sleep. There's so much evidence that colds last seven days if you take care of them and seven days if you don't, it's just more comfortable when one takes care of them. We'll see how it all plays out. I'm sure we'll have used all the soup bricks by the time this cold is done and I'll have to make more. With the cold weather coming in it's feasible. So that's good.

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