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October 16, 2001
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Luck and Love

8:13 pm: Jet did something that I would have considered near impossible before this weekend. He slept in until 8. The night hadn't been all that rough, though it wasn't normal by any means. He got up at midnight for a feeding and I was trying to put him to sleep all the way until 1 when I finally gave up and woke John up and asked him to put Jet to sleep. Jet had some gas. He was farting and burping and screaming with pain before every fart, and it was exhausting trying to bounce him enough to get all that stuff out and get him to relax enough to go to sleep. When I turned him over to John it took John just another five minutes to put Jet to sleep enough to put him back into his nest of blankets in his old infant seat.

When I went to sleep after that I really prayed that Jet would sleep well for a while. He is so random it's really hard to predict. He did, however, stay asleep. He slept until 5 am from 1, a good four hour block that I appreciated greatly, and this time he simply ate and then went back to sleep in about half an hour. And then he did the staying asleep until 8 stuff that just bemused me. John slept from 1 until 7:30 straight, and got a good sleep, so he was doing just fine.

I woke up the same time Jet did. I got the time for a good, hot shower to get all the massage lotion off me from CeLena's, yesterday, and that felt really good. I got out in time to feed Jet for a bit before I had some oatmeal and John made me a mocha before he and Jet took off for Joan's. I took my mocha upstairs and worked away happily until Ken and Gabrielle showed up on our porch.

I had fun giving the nickel tour. It was really fun to just talk with them, and I was reminded about how they were when we were in school. I think the last time we saw them was at graduation or something, and they do as well together now as they did then, if not just that much more so. John and I were together then, too, and it's kind of like that.

The other night, someone said that I was really lucky in my relationship with John because she thought John was really adoring and that was really good for a relationship and I thought about it and I said, "Well, maybe." She peered at me. "Well... I dunno. I guess I've always thought relationships aren't made of the good things the two people are. I mean... hmm...the good things about each other are the things anyone could like. What's really lucky are the faults. I mean, that the problems we both have are the things that the other person can deal with or even gain from. We're really lucky that our faults line up well. The good things are easy, it's the faults that really make the relationship." She kind of looked at me.

I've been thinking about it pretty hard, lately. But it really does seem to be true to me. It's the quirks and strangenesses and how well they line up that determine if the relationship works. So many people are so concerned about what's 'right' with someone else that they're interested in that they lose sight of trying to find out if what's 'wrong' is what will actually work for them. If the individual reality of someone else can work for the individual reality of the self, it's going to have to be the jagged bits that fit.

Doesn't make it any easier or more comfortable to do, to know this bit of reality.

So it was really good to see Ken and Gabrielle doing so well together. They enjoyed seeing the house, playing a bit with Jet, and then we all went off to Casa de Mina and I realized, while reading the menu, that the lady who owns the place is named Mina. That's why the name. Pretty cool.

The lunch food was as good as the dinner food, but the portions were small enough to actually eat in one sitting. That was good, too, and Jet slept through the first half of lunch, only to wake up with a start in the middle of the meal. He played for a while in his car seat, but then had to be tucked into my lap for a while and finally I handed him my empty Sprite can for a toy and when he, inevitably, knocked it off the table, I lowered him, head first, to go get the can. He got it handily and brought it up when I brought him up.

That was pretty cool.

Ken was really curious about my spinning wheels and the loom. I brought out the lace shawls I'd done, and the Fezzik sweater. They enjoyed seeing that and petting the Fezzik sweater. Warm. That was pretty keen. We talked about people we'd known at school, whom we'd kept in touch with, and all kinds of other things.

It was a cool lunch. We got home again, and they rescued their chickens from the refrigerator. It turns out that there's a naturally raised chicken farm, and the furthest west they distribute their birds is Boulder, Colorado. In fact, Whole Foods sells the things. So they'd picked up three big chickens to bring back home with them in their outside baggage compartment that gets down to 40 below, and kept it in our fridge while they visited. I'm going to have to try some of that chicken sometime.

They hugged us good-bye, and they took off for the airport. Jet and I settled for a good, long nursing session and then Jet fell asleep and napped for a good hour while I worked. He woke up just in time for my meeting, so I played with him while listening, and bounced him quiet whenever I wanted to say anything. It was kind of funny doing the timing for that.

The afternoon was pretty fun, just playing with Jet, cleaning a few things up, watering the plants, and then John came home. He took Jet while I did one more hour's worth of stuff, and at the last minute, Boss Bill cancelled the staff meeting tomorrow morning, so I should have four hour's worth of time to actually work on the thing that's due Friday! Hoorah!

Dinner was just spaghetti and meatballs with Pepperidge Farm Texas toast, and plenty of salad. My nose started running more, and I think I'm pretty much doomed this coming weekend, with Jet's cold. Jet, on the other hand, was active, cheerful, and bouncing around a lot, especially after a half hour nap during our dinner.

One thing had worked out rather serendipitously this morning. Joan had completely forgotten what day it was, and had fed Jet not only a jar of solids, but also a four ounce bottle of formula at 10:30, so when I went to get him at 11, he'd just finished eating a bunch. Joan was all apologetic, but having her feed him that way made it so that I could actually go out to lunch with Ken and Gab, easily, and not worry about Jet getting hungry. Still, it was pretty funny debating what day it was with Joan until she finally turned on her satellite TV to look at the date on it. It said Tuesday and that was what finally convinced her. But it all worked out just fine.

Joan said that she saw Jet crawling forward today while he was there, and he'd done it and looked at her and she said back to him, "I saw that!" He tried to play the innocent.

After dinner and everything we were in the livingroom and I was trying to type into the Visor while Jet played in his area. I pulled my Visor out of the rubber bumper Kathy gave me, and John was trying to get Jet to crawl forward. I put the rubber sleeve in front of Jet, and he lunges for it. I put it a bit further, and Jet actually crawls forward to get it!! It just took a little incentive, I guess. John pulled it a bit further and Jet went a few more 'steps' forward and then just collapsed onto his tummy. Poor, tired, kid.

He fought going to sleep all evening, and finally had to just be hauled bodily upstairs and John bounced him in the dark until he finally gave up and went to sleep. Whew. Usually when it's really hard to put him down he sleeps pretty well, 'cause he spends so much energy fighting sleep.

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