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October 23, 2001
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Motoring Along

7:58 pm: Today turned out to be busier than I thought it would be. One surprise meeting, and four uninterrupted hours in the morning all added up pretty quickly. Jet got a bit more neglected than I liked in the afternoon, between a staff meeting and the surprise meeting. Poor kid was playing in the office and lost his balance and cut and scraped his chin.

There are times when I think that it would be better for Jet to be in day care than to have me try and take care of him when I have got work demands. Then again, with the last meeting, I was nursing him for a lot of it, and he really relaxed during that and enjoyed being cuddled and went to sleep. He wouldn't get that in daycare, I guess.

I really hate people that say, "Do/Don't do A or else your kid will be ruined." As if a single thing you do or don't do would have that affect on a kid. I've known people who, as kids, were beaten, raped, starved, kidnapped, neglected, or otherwise abused, and they've turned out to be compassionate, brilliant, creative, interesting, productive adults who are very neat people to know. There is no one that is going to convince me, after these folks, that something as minor as using a binky or not breastfeeding or watching TV is going to destroy the future of the kid, when really awful stuff hasn't.

I've also seen the kids of really rich parents that tried to do everything for them turn out suicidal or criminal. Having it all isn't an answer either.

People are analog beings. They take a bunch of events and make the best of that as they can. No single thing is going to make it or break it. And I just despise people who believe and loudly say that they know what is right or wrong for a kid, especially if it's a single thing without knowledge of the whole set of realities that surround the kid. Things that work for one won't work for another, and vice versa.

So we feel our way through.

Jet seems to have problems taking a nap when I'm the one that picks him up from Joan's. I don't know why. I don't know what it is that triggers him, but he just wouldn't relax enough to actually nap until we were eating our dinner, and then it was only a forty minute nap. It was enough that he had a pretty happy evening, though, so that was useful. John also brought a toy up from downstairs, a table that Jet can actually climb up safely, and Jet's totally engrossed with that.

It didn't help that there was a forty-five mph wind blowing that also dried out the humidity in the air to the point where I wasn't making milk worth a darn. I finally had to pull out the hospital jug and fill it with water and drink from it every time I saw it. That should help.

Work was work. I got a slew of things done this morning, when I had the time. Tomorrow, I'm actually going into work early and we'll see how things turn out. John may actually come home after lunch and work from home as well. I will also have four hours Thursday to catch up on all the things that I put off while pushing hard for the due date on Friday. There is a ton of stuff there, too. All together, I have a week and a half of extra time under my belt already, so I should be able to , easily, take the time for OryCon and for my sister's visit. I'm very glad of that.

Dinner was artichoke heart casserole. I cooked the rice, chopped the chicken, grated cheese, sliced and sauteed mushrooms. I also juiced a lemon to make myself some hot lemonade as my throat was kind of scratchy. Jet wanted food when I'd finished prepping everything. So John layered everything together, mixed the sauce that goes over everything, and put it all into the oven to bake. He then cleaned up and accidentally threw out my lemon juice, too. He was very sorry and promised to get me more tomorrow.


Dinner was great. It was hot, tasty, had a lot of good stuff in it and went really good with oven crisp bread and plenty to drink.

Jet is getting into everything and everywhere. We actually took all the coffee books out of the coffee table and then took the table down into the basement while Jet was asleep, so he couldn't whack his head open on the corners of the table. He has far more play room, now, in the livingroom, and still plenty of things to explore. One of the things he really went for was the rocking chair, and John just put him in it and Jet laughed like crazy when he actually managed to get into it.

At Joan's Jet crawled over to her while she was eating her lunch and tried to climb up her leg to see what she was eating, so she gave him a bit of bread off her sandwich. Now Jet's chasing John around, as John's crawling across the floor, too. John learned from the Sears book that babies crawl the most efficient way, a cross-crawl, where the right arm and left leg go at the same time and the left arm and right leg go at the same time. It causes the least roll in the body. I liked the passage in the book that noted that most adults that try to crawl do it wrong.

Jet had to stop and play with the air intake, making it ring, and he's just motoring through the hallway and across the room. Occasionally, he gets tired and puts his head down with a thump on the carpeting to pant for a bit and then go again. He's doing so many headers now he doesn't bother to get mad or frustrated or cry at them anymore unless they draw blood. Yes, he's certainly related to Rosty and I. He is, however, learning like crazy.

Jet can now go up onto his knees and reach things. Occasionally, he loses his balance doing that and either goes head first into something or lands badly. Usually, though, he does just fine and can play with what he can get at. I now have a real understanding as to why people are so thorough about kid-proofing areas. Jet will pull things down on to himself. Jet will, without hesitation, slide off things headfirst and not care about the drop. It'll be another few months before he's cautious about heights. So we're going to have to be extra careful about heights.

He also really loves the wheel things we bought him yesterday. He takes one and sucks on it and drools on it until it's soft and then he sucks it down, section by section. He gets it all over himself, both the gooey bits and the whole bits, and it sets like concrete, but he giggles the whole time he's doing it. I think it's the biggest, concrete object he's ever eaten and he's very proud of himself when he does it. So it was a really great idea to get these things.

I keep promising myself that I'll take time off eventually. This week it was too tempting to have Joan take Jet for the extra hours, the problem is that I really find myself less willing to stop for Jet when I am going hard. Making it so that I really can't do more than two hours straight and have more motivation to only do half time means that I take the time for myself as well as for Jet.

That is good.

So I'll indulge for just this one week and then I'll go back. I've had a good look at what it would be like to be three-quarters time and I don't really like it that much. It's a good thing to know.

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