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October 27, 2001
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Retail Therapy

Jet had a really great day today. He did a lot of stuff, was really cheerful all day and had a great time playing with everyone that was awake enough to interact with him. He is also crawling everywhere, trying to get everything he gets interested in and was really social all day with anyone that took notice of him.

We started with a fairly late morning, he didn't wake up for good until nearly 8 am, and since I got up to feed him then we decided to go out and take care of the second thing on my list of stuff I wanted to do.

First, however, we had to have breakfast, and so we decided to go to the Coffee Urn, the diner that is just a few miles east and north of us, along 52 and I-25. It's a real truck stop and we've gone there for dinner when I was just too tired to cook. It's really close by the house and the food is always good and simple and filling. They have a good fried chicken and a food prime rib special. I don't think we've been there for breakfast before.

I now think that was quite the mistake. The breakfasts there are wonderful, I guess for any real diner it would have to be the case, especially when there are dozens of trucks parked outside. John had the regular egg, bacon, hash browns and biscuit breakfast with a big mug of coffee. I had a glass of orange juice and the corned beef hash and eggs, with hash browns and the 'dollar pancakes', which I thought would be the size of silver dollars and possibly perfect for Jet to nibble on.

I have a measurement for breakfast places that includes how well they do 'over medium' fried eggs. Fried eggs have quite a spectrum of how much they're cooked. Over easy has the whites still a little runny in the center as well as totally raw yolks. Over medium is supposed to have cooked whites and still runny yolks, but the yolks have had some heat applied so they're supposed to be a little thick with the extra heat. Over medium well is more brown on the outside, and the yolks have started cooking around the edges. Over well usually has the yolks poked so that they can cook solid. It's kind of like steaks. If a steakhouse can actually deliver a consistent medium rare, it's a rare find indeed, and it's the same of a diner that can actually deliver 'over medium' eggs. I think I've only experienced half a dozen diners that can actually deliver an over medium egg consistently.

The Coffee Urn is one of them.

They not only had truly over medium eggs, but the corned beef hash was crisp around the edges, tasty and a good balance of meat and potatoes and onions. The first crisp bite was perfectly salty and hot all the way through. The eggs were perfectly cooked. The hash browns were a little anemic. The pancakes were chewy, thin, and nicely deep brown. They were, however, not silver dollar sized, they were six inch pancakes, three of them.

Even as big as they were, Jet managed to eat half of one in small bites that he picked up and put into his own mouth. I tore up the pancake bit by bit, and with the practice he'd had from Cheerios and other things, he was eating as much of it as he could get into his mouth. He spilled a lot of it down his front, along the sided and all that, but he was really happy with feeding himself. He'd nursed just before leaving, so he wasn't super hungry, but he really enjoyed the bits of pancake and getting strawfuls of my orange juice and some iced water as well.

Jet's actually drinking and eating 'real food'. I am mildly amazed, and he got enough in him that he was pretty content during out drive north and he fell asleep pretty happily as we tooled along the freeway to the Outlet Stores up north.

I think that every major city now has outlet malls out where land is cheap and the freeways roam. Denver is no different, and we're a good 20 miles out from the city and another 10 miles north of us is the Outlet Mall. They have a Harry and David's outlet store. They usually have the catalog items at a discount and have sales now and then on various things, often things I want to try.

I tried outlet pears before buying Mom her Christmas box last year, and I'd liked them so much it was well worth getting them. She liked them a lot, too, last year. I wanted more pears. I also wanted a few other things and got the double-dipped chocolate macadamia nuts, the low-fat chocolate cake, and saw, on sale, the dark chocolate covered Moose Munch, which is caramel corn with cashews and almonds all covered in dark chocolate. So I bought the on sale Moose Munch, and thought I might as well get one bag of the no-fat stuff as well as the chocolate covered stuff when the sale was only good if you got two bags.

We dropped off our loot, and then went over to the Bose outlet. They have factory seconds and refurbished units from returns as well as new merchandise. We have two giant horn speakers at home that take a lot of space and with the size of the room they really are too big for the house. So John has been thinking of replacing them and selling them, but he really wanted to hear the replacements before getting anything.

So we sat down and listened to Bose speakers. Several sets of them. I think that the sales guy saw the new baby and assumed that we were a young, poor couple, and introduced us to the smallest speakers possible, and the next level up. When we went up a few levels, he looked a little surprised. I listened happily to the sounds and found that it was easy to actually name which set of speakers was being activated each time they switched. That amused me and bemused the sales guy.

We talked things over, and just left while the sales person hovered a bit too closely for us. There was a Carter outlet there, so we wandered over there, and found a changing table for Jet. We changed him, and then actually bought a couple of outfits before going back to the car. We then drove back to the Bose store, and I nursed Jet while John went to buy the speakers. That was pretty cool. While I was nursing Jet, I realized that I was kind of silly buying the non-chocolate covered Moose Munch and eventhough I was pretty sure that the store wouldn't allow trading, I talked with John about it. He took the plain bag and pretty quickly came back with another of the dark chocolate covered bags. There had been no problems at all.

More evidence that the emotional voices in the back of my head that say that nothing can change to favor my desires is wrong. It was good reinforcement that the whole dental thing is in my head, too, and could, just as easily, be resolved as easily. And, as John says, if the dentist won't do what I need done I could go somewhere else. There are plenty of other dentists.

Thing is that Dr. Macri is kind of nicely goofy. I mean even a geek like me could tell that he was socially inept, and wasn't anywhere as smooth with the conversations as most dentists are, or even have to be, sometimes. He was goofy and odd, and thought it was cool to relate the store of him eating a tub of the chocolate mint buffing compound and how it made him feel ill afterwards. He wouldn't argue with me, I don't think. When I'd stated that I had a cold and that might account for the swelling on the roof of my mouth, he'd agreed that it was a possibility. So a disagreement with him would never be a fight or get even near an argument, which, I think, is what I was afraid of, and just going through all of that helped me figure out that things might go okay. Just as it did with the Moose Munch.

John spent most of the afternoon asleep. He had had a bad night last night, and gotten up at 3 and hadn't been able to go back to sleep. So he made up for it this afternoon.

Jet was in a great mood, and we had a great time in the livingroom. I ate Moose Munch and drank seltzer with a shot of vanilla syrup and when I finally went crazy with sugar, John woke up and we ate a bit of the artichoke heart casserole before I could get my brain together enough to figure out dinner.

I decided to make won tons. I wanted the soup as with all the dry weather lately my nose was still unhappy, just as Jet's still coughing and a little congested. So I thawed two-thirds of a pound of ground pork, added ginger, garlic, half a dozen dried shitakes, half a dozen leaves of Napa cabbage finely chopped, half a cup of frozen chopped spinach defrosted enough to drain thoroughly, and some wine and soy. I then got the Denver Soy won ton skins and started filling and folding won tons. I was done with half the skins when the water came to a boil, so we cooked half of them for our dinner. The other half went into the freezer just as the dinner batch got done.

When I was out of wrappers, I still had about half my filling, so I refrigerated that and, after dinner, I made hot water dough and made potstickers from the rest of the filling. That worked out really well. John also reheated a few of the Shanghai teacakes and we ate them with the soup. The savory crispness of the little cakes went well with the fairly plain soup. The soup also really relieved all my congestion. I was very glad of that.

We had a really good evening. Jet continued being in a really great mood. His chin and cheeks and the chapped skin there is gradually healing. The Eucerin lotion seems to be helping, applied frequently. He's also gradually not climbing the things that hurt or frustrate him constantly. He isn't trying to climb my end table any more. He is still going for the air duct and banging it to make it make noise. He is getting up onto his knees pretty easily and enjoying the look around he can do and bouncing around when he sees something he likes.

It still amazes me when he sees me and crawls toward me to hug my ankle or my knee or tries to burrow into my lap. It just astonishes me when he comes to me, or even goes onto the hard wood floor to try and chase me down. I found that when I'm cooking and I put him in the exersaucer in the spot that Fezzik always used to lie in to be in the middle of all the action that Jet's really happy to be watching me while I work. He really likes that. He really hates being put in the sauce, now, when it's not in the middle of the traffic through the room.

John had the fireplace going for a while, and Jet kept wanting to get close to the flames. It took some persuading and some distracting to get him to stay away from that. Joan's working on it at her house, too, as the main heat source for their livingroom is a gas fireplace. So it's good to reinforce that from both places. 'Hot' is a good thing to learn.

We did give Jet a bath, and it was fun to have it be a quiet, relaxed thing where he could enjoy playing with his toys and everything. He really liked it and really grinned when he got put in my lap to nurse before going to sleep. It's a good routine, and he went to sleep just fine at the end of it. We'll have to see what happens with him with the time change, since we didn't keep him up an hour later, we'll get to see how he does in the morning.

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