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October 28, 2001
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Hour, What Hour?

11:06 pm: So Jet had one of his really early mornings, he woke up at 5:30, which was really 4:30 and stayed up after eating off me. Oops. John did get eight hours of sleep, but I was utterly exhausted after getting up and trying to get him back to sleep that time.

I thought he was going to go to sleep after nursing off me at 8 am, but he woke up nearly immediately and pretty much didn't nap all day, so he might sleep longer tonight.

Since he woke up and stayed up, I decided to make breakfast. I had fun making French Toast with the raisin swirl bread and having it with the turkey bacon, plenty of orange juice and lots of maple syrup for the toast. It was a yummy breakfast, and as soon as it was done, John talked about our little office problem. Jet has a tendency to head for our chairs and the cords under the desks the moment he's let loose in our office. So we needed a way to keep him away from all that. Either a gate that could just wall off the computers and the top of the stairs and allow Jet the run of the upstairs hallway between the office and his room or something else to keep him safe.

So we went to Babies R Us and peered at all the gating stuff, and finally we decided on a kind of large play pen thing because the fully adjustable gating we'd been thinking of would have been several hundred dollars. Oops. We also got a splat mat for Jet's high chair, lots more washclothes (if you ever need to give new parents a present, a pile of washclothes is always appropriate), and a safe feeder which allows babies to chew on normal food until it's small enough to go through a mesh and can't choke them. That's a pretty cool thing.

So there was a lot of cool stuff we got for Jet. I was very amused to hear, on the radio, the phrase, "Shopping is my patriotic duty!" And it just cracked me up. I guess that's one way of getting the economy to work.

From there we went and stocked up at Safeway, mostly on Jet food as we were low on just about everything. He's starting to eat more of our food, but it's still easier to give him the strained, jarred foods as they're ready at any time and I don't have to do any extra processing. We also got a pizza at Papa Murphy's and a DVD of 'Best of Show'. The pizza was for lunch and the DVD was our afternoon entertainment.

"Best of Show" is a really funny spoof of show dog owners. It is really funny and is really based on the crazy personalities of the owners involved. They've very vividly rendered, and neurotic to an amazing degree. We'd heard of it from The Animal Channel, which had something about the dogs that were trained for the movie as well. But we thought we'd like it and, indeed, we did. It's really funny.

I roasted a chicken while it played and we had chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli for dinner. I even made gravy from the pan drippings which really upped the flavor of the potatoes, and it was a good dinner. Jet was really tired, but we managed to keep him up to his 'regular' time, and he then went to sleep without a fuss. I'll just hope that it translates into another good night.

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