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October 29, 2001
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Reviews Start

9:27 pm: I had four hours of meetings today, which made some decisions easier than others, and I got to have fun with Jet while I wasn't meeting. We had fun just playing through the livingroom while I wasn't on the phone, and while John was working on things that he really wanted to finish. John got most of the day to work and with the extra work he'd already done during the weekend, he was able to take some time to go and get the Passat's oil changed and do a few other errands with Jet while I was squirreled away on the phone.

So the cycle has started of getting all the stuff that I was working on the last few weeks reviewed by all the people that have had input on it and which have some kind of say with how it works out in the end. It's probably going to take the rest of this week and then I'll have some time to get all the changes in and then we'll see what we can do about getting it all implemented before we have our final review.

There's a lot of stuff. The smaller, engineering team review of the materials is going to take at least two hours, and when it gets into the bigger forum, they're probably going to take the week to just get through it.

I have a whole meeting, tomorrow, just to discuss one of the items and get some of the engineering stuff straightened out. I'm glad that I'm getting all of this stuff pounded out early so that when the people that are actually going to do the work on this stuff have the time to work on it, all the details should be laid out and defined and made pretty clear.

I was very happy to have my boss tell me that I'd done a great job with the big push to get this stuff together. He said that it was clear, contained all the stuff that he had hoped would be in it, and basically gave me good kudos before the review, which, of course, was all about the stuff that it didn't have. The really cool thing is that most of the review items that people brought up had to do with wording, spelling, and grammar. Whee... very cool for a technical document. I'm pretty glad of it all.

John took care of things tonight, he made dinner, had fun with Jet and made sure that I went off to my appointment with CeLena. The massage felt really good. I'm tired enough that things worked out pretty well, and it's pretty obvious that I'm actually getting better with some of the real trouble spots that CeLena and I have been working on for the last several months. There's actually improvement in my hips, lower back, and shoulders. Especially the shoulders. It's amazing to realize and feel the gradual difference in the amount of tension I'm holding in my muscles.

I guess being a parent has gotten to be a lot less stressful. Or the work stuff has managed to not get to me as badly as before. Having the breaks and the time off to play with Jet and take care of him have kept me significantly more sane. That is a very good thing indeed.

So John made really great taco salad with chicken and green chile, and then baked cookies. We also took the gating system upstairs and unpacked it and put it into place. Jet played, happily, on his side of it, and explored all the joints and panels. He wasn't able to push it over, but he was able to do his favorite thing of banging the filing cabinet simply by grabbing the fencing and shaking it hard. I think it'll work for tomorrow's afternoon meeting. It's going to be a two hour thing, but I don't have to take notes or do all that much while it is happening. So I can simply have Jet there.

Joan also said that she could take Jet for the extra hour and would drop him off here at the house at noon, on the way to Alex's dentist appointment. So I should be able to take care of my review at 11. There is a lot of stuff going on, but it should be soon over, and I'll have enough time to take plenty of time off when Kathy is here. Even if she doesn't come I may just take two weeks off and enjoy Jet for a while and give John some more time to concentrate on his projects, too.

I guess that's what it's all about.

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