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October 30, 2001
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Deep Fillings

9:25 pm: Today was a very good day, lots of stuff got done, and lots of things were resolved, and Jet had an absolutely wonderful day. He only got up once last night and had a really fantastic day in that he was really happy all day, napped a little, and played with everything he could get his hands on. This morning, John had him out in the livingroom and he crawled into the dining area and even went over to the mat in front of the back door and sat on the mat to play with the fringe.

Jet played in his new, fenced area quite happily, wanting to be picked up just a couple of times when he was hungry or needed a change, but mostly was content with his toys on his side of the fence.

I had five hours of meetings today. Someone in one of my meetings said that she couldn't see how I got anything done with that kind of meeting schedule, and one of the marketing guys joked, "You mean you don't get any work done during meetings?" This during what was actually a very productive meeting. That was fairly funny.

I had a two hour review in the morning, that was scheduled for one hour. Then the productive meeting of engineers where they were actually able to do a lot of the stuff we needed done. Joan dropped Jet off on the fly as she was running Alex to his dentist's appointment. He'd done well there, and he was pretty happy. We settled and he nursed calmly and went back to sleep, as he'd been napping for the forty minutes before arriving.

He slept for an hour, plenty of time for me to eat lunch, check my email and even read a bit more of Cryptonomicon. I also took care of calling the dentist and having a conversation with him about composite fillings, and he said it would be fine to use composite if I wanted. I wanted. So that was good. I also called the contact lens place and made an appointment for Thursday afternoon so I could finish all that off, too. Jet and I could go in, I had enough hours racked up already to probably take half of Thursday and Friday off if I really wanted to.

He woke up around 2, and we played and got the office ready for my two hour afternoon meeting. When that meeting happened, Jet was playing in his area, and I was listening and working a bit in mine, and we had a good time.

Jet really liked playing with his stuff and only occasionally tried climbing the fence. He had, on his side, a vibrating infant chair he used to sit in before he could sit up himself, and he loves the buckles and straps on it. He'll grab them and drag the chair around, or just suck thoughtfully on one of the plastic buckles. He also has the plush squid, a little Pooh with bells in it, a bath towel that's just fun for playing peekaboo with, and a couple of rattles. So he was just sitting there and playing with stuff for a lot of the meeting.

I did setup a changing station in the room, with the diaper bag's changing pad. So when Jet got a bit fussy and tried to climb the fence, I picked him up, over it, and changed him right there. He was pretty happy with that. Then, when it was time for him to be hungry, I just picked up the extra Boppie and fed him right there. He fell asleep while I was doing that and I tucked him into his crib.

Two minutes before 5:00 John walked in the door. The meeting was still going on, and had just finished a subject, so I cut in and said I had to run off to an appointment. I told John that Jet was sleeping upstairs, and even as I said it Jet woke up crying. Oop. I sprinted out the door, and dove into the Passat and drove the five minute drive to the dentist's.

When I arrived, they were talking with the patient before me, still, so they were in no hurry. That was good. Dr. Macri and his assistant were both unhurried, patient, and when the work happened, they were really thorough. I was very glad of that.

I was even more glad that I decided to have both fillings done when they actually went in and did them. The top one was about as bad as Dr. Macri had thought it would be, the bottom one was a lot worse. There turned out to be a cavity under the filling, and it was perilously close to the nerves. He warned me that it was likely that since they'd drilled so close to the nerves that they might be mildly inflamed for the next week or two and very sensitive to cold things.

It's scary when I could feel the drilling come really close. It also took him a while to get everything cleaned out and he was very thorough about that, even using a hand instrument for the stuff close to the nerves when he got far enough down in there to be uncertain about using the power tools. He added some stuff down in there to make sure that the decay wouldn't spread.

So it was a really good thing that I decided to have the composite in there instead of the amalgam, the metal does conduct heat and cold very quickly. With the mild insulation of the composite the nerves wouldn't be even more aggravated.

I got home feeling really beat up, with most of my mouth feeling swollen and numb. This is always the worst part of getting tooth work down, when I feel the worst. The numbness makes everything feel like it's wrong, even if things went okay, and I'm always a little shaky with the 'damage' that was done to get things right again. I also couldn't eat worth a darn.

I did, however, get a craving for tuna casserole. Yeah. A can of tuna, a can of mushroom soup, a splash of wine, and a couple shakes of Worcestershire sauce all mixed together with simple egg noodles, topped with bread crumbs and butter and baked at 350 for 25 minutes until the crumbs are all crisp. Comfort food. I had just a little of that, chewing very carefully around my numb tongue.

John had a big bowl of the stuff, and then got Jet ready for a walk. He asked if I wanted to come along, and I hesitated, and then decided to go with. Jet was happy as a clam. He was wrapped up in two coats, and settled happily in his stroller, and as we walked he was looking around, bouncing up and down, and occasionally uttering a chirp of sheer happiness.

The moon is nearly full. It's going to be a blue moon tomorrow night. It seems appropriate, somehow, that Halloween, here, is going to be blustery and cold and possibly raining. Tonight it was calm and cool and the moon lit everything up. I have a theory that Jet's happier and sleeps better on nights with a fuller moon rather than the nights with a darker moon, but I haven't gathered all my data, yet.

Anyway, he really enjoyed his walk, and I found that I enjoyed it as well. It was good to talk with John for a while. Tomorrow is the company Halloween party, partially during a meeting we have, so I might just come back home at lunch time and get Jet and we'll go in together and go to the party as well as another meeting and then bring John home with us to get ready for the Trick o' Treaters. We even have candy this year.

And I might even be able to eat a little of it. My mouth cleared up really well with the exercise. I was able to get a whole bowl of the casserole and I ate it much more happily now that my tongue could actually taste it and I wasn't nearly as worried about biting my lips or tongue. That was much better. We watched the Yankees drag a win, finally, out of the Diamondbacks.

Jet played happily all the while. He crawled under my chair and grabbed my leg from underneath me. It surprised me a little and delighted him. He loved being able to do that, eventhough I could feel his head thunking into the chair every now and then as he didn't know how to avoid the chair that was above him. He didn't mind it at all and talked excitedly to me as I picked him up to hug him.

Happy boy.

He is just so happy. And it's very cool to be able to make it so that he just isn't unhappy. He just makes even the hard things much better. I found myself grinning, even when the gin was painful right when I came home when he was tackling John to whack him on the nose with excitement at seeing me come home.

I am so glad of today. I'm glad that the dentist never broke through to nerve centers. I'm glad that Jet had a really great day. I'm very glad that John got home just in time for me to go to my appointment. I'm glad that the reviews are all at least half over. I'm very glad that my Boss is going to be gone Thursday through Monday, so I'll have time to catch up and do all the corrections people have pointed out. I am so very, very glad that the fillings are not only done with, but they were done well.

My mouth feels pretty good right now. John gave me some chocolate cake and ice cream and the ice cream didn't bring instant screaming pain anywhere! Hoorah! This is a good sign that nothing got jangled up too badly. Also the Blue Bunny cherry chip ice cream is very nice stuff, with chunks of real cherries, nice chunks of chocolate and the ice cream actually tastes like cherries as well. Pretty good stuff for looking like bulk half gallon ice cream.

That I can eat ice cream at all is something I am now quite grateful for. It's good to be grateful. I'm just glad that there have been days when I could take it for granted, and there are likely to be days when I can do that again in the near future. Yay!

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