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October 7, 2002
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Busy Jet Day

8:36 pm: I had a very productive day, finishing two major tasks with the help of Jet napping and knowing that John was much better today.

The antibiotic worked wonders, and John is feeling a whole lot better. No headache, no sinus ache, and a far clearer nose. John's ear isn't completely cleared up, yet, but he's well on the way to getting well. I'm very glad.

I don't usually think of how much John does until he doesn't do it anymore. Taking care of Jet 100% of the time gets really tiring and then both of us drop the things we normally do in the moments between taking care of Jet. We started a mountain of laundry last night, and Jet's laundry got done today. There's just so much stuff that got left for later while John was sick and I was busy with everything.

Work got better today, too. I got to really concentrate in the morning, as I actually got to sleep in thoroughly and feel rested. I even got time to make myself an espresso with caramel syrup and ate Wheetabix with vanilla yogurt and blueberries. It was very yummy. Having breakfast helped my concentration, too, and I finally got my 1:1 with my boss which helped me clear up some priorities. Best of all she expressed a very clear understanding of why I wasn't going to meet the deadlines the rest of the company goes by. That was probably the best thing that's happened to me for work in a long time.

Jet also slept for a whole hour and a half after getting home, all in one stretch.. That was probably for the first time in a very long time. It was nice to get the second task started then.

Jet and I had lunch when he woke up and he had a bite of apple sauce, some taco meat and beans, and then half a hot dog. So he was pretty happy when he was done. When I finished my lunch, he brought his socks and shoes to me and we went outside. We walked down the quiet street, wandering happily in the sunshine. It was a perfectly comfortable day, sunny and warm, but not too hot. So I just followed him and enjoyed the day.

We were out a good hour, and when we came back he helped me water my herbs. We sat on the porch for a little while and then went back inside. Jet sat down immediately and started picking at his shoe laces saying, "Open! Open." And we got them off with his socks and then headed up to the office for my meeting.

I guess he was pretty tired after the outing, as he was mildly cranky upstairs. During the meeting it was hard to say stuff and not have him yell at something in frustration when it wasn't doing what he wanted. I was mildly upset at the home machine myself, as it didn't have all the stuff I needed to play Nick Jr. play books for Jet. It would have been cool to let him play with those and get them to read to him. He likes working with the computer and likes watching Haley play games. He was quite willing to watch me work the thing, but the they called for the meeting.

So it was mildly harrowing, but it worked out in the long run. No one got mad at me having Jet on the line, and we got things done during the meeting. I was glad of that. John came home soon after, and I got the brain and concentration time to finish the second task before he'd finished making taco salads from the leftover taco filling. Dinner was good.

After dinner, I made bagels. John chopped up some green chilies and this time we got the mixer to knead in the chilies. That worked out really well. I just made mine plain, they're good enough to just be eaten plain with a bit of peach glop, lemon curd, or peanut butter. Yum. We went over the plan for how to cook them, and John's set for the morning.

Jet went right to sleep at the normal hour, and I'm ready to follow. John's baking a few frozen cookie dough disks, and once I've eaten a warm, chewy cookie I'm headed for bed. Mmmm... I've had far too many nights of staying up far too late.

One funny thing is that I've started keeping an engineering notebook again, after Kathy's gift of the moleskine notebook. There is something satisfying about writing things down on paper. I really like putting big boxes to check when I've finished an action item and having huge question marks on things that are iffy. I can write the answers next to them when I find them out. Drawing things sometimes really helps wrap my brain around a concept.

I'd forgotten what I'd given up when I went completely to the Visor.

As a consequence, I've broken out a couple of my more durable and easy to use fountain pens and even filled them to use. I've managed to actually empty a Pelikan. Jet seems to spot the fountain pens with uncanny accuracy, and he gravitated towards the empty one like a guided missile. He grabbed it, yanked the cap off and started drawing with it on his notebooks. When he found that it didn't write, he made a frustrated sound and hurled it half way across the livingroom.

Whew. I'm very glad it's empty. I'm also very glad that it's not one of my multi-hundred dollar pens. I'm pretty glad that 90% of my collection is for less than ten bucks a pop, and nearly all of them are easy to replace.

One pen that showed up recently, though, has really caught my interest and I probably should have put it on my birthday list. It's the transparent Lamy "demonstrator" pen. It's relatively cheap, with the steel nib, but it has the cool transparent body that I really love. I have five demonstrators of various types, and I really enjoy their workings. Levenger has them, but everyone probably has them by now. I hope Lamy makes thousands of them. They could probably stand up to a toddler throwing them around a bit quite handily.

I stayed up way too late, last night, watching the Bravo tribute to Jackie Chan. What a great guy. There were lots of facts about his life that I had no idea about. Stuff like the fact that his parents had apprenticed him for five years, when he was six-years-old, with the Peking Opera company and that's where he got the basis for so much of his physical prowess. That at 14 he worked as a stuntman for eight dollars a day. That during one stunt a tree had broken out from under him and he'd landed on his head, crushing his skull, and he still has a hole in his skull with a plastic plate that vibrates when he hums. Yow. I wouldn't do what he does with a hole in my head. Okay, I wouldn't do what he does, regardless.

I was fascinated to find out that he's married to a Taiwanese movie star and has one son. I also thought it appropriate that when China took over Hong Kong that they'd sent a special delegation to talk with Jackie and negotiate what they could to keep him there in Hong Kong. Amazing stuff which kept me up well past the time I should have been in bed.

So tonight I'll make up for it. *grin*

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