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October 13, 2002
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Running, Eating, and Communicating

10:54 pm: Jet and John were up from about 5-7. John came back to bed, and when Jet woke up at 8, I took him and took care of him. John slept in, today, until 10. I think he really needed it and I'm glad he got the sleep.

Jet and I had fun all morning. We nursed, played, and when I wanted to go out and get the paper, I put Jet's new sneakers onto his feet. And when we went out he just started running. He laughed and ran and ran and ran and wouldn't stop while we went down the road. This is the first time I've seen him run like that in weeks. Given that he went from a 5 1/2 to a 7, I could see that his feet might have been hurting him, which is why he didn't walk nearly as much. Now that he has shoes that don't hurt, he's exuberant about walking!

I feel a little bad about not insisting on newer shoes earlier. John, when he heard about the running, felt bad about it, too.

Jet and I made it three-quarters of the way down the quiet street before he found some pebbles he had to hunker down to and rearrange. Since he turned around to look at the pebbles, when he got up, he started running back the way we came. So we ran that way for a while. It was fun to see him running so hard, and when I made like I was running next to him he started laughing and running faster! Yay! It was just so cool.

The weather was perfect for it, too. Sunny, bright, and a little cool from the night. There was a hard freeze last night, and I'd brought my herbs in to keep them safe. But the morning was cool and perfect. I'd put a coat on him and he seemed perfectly happy.

I have to walk with Jet more often. It was such a blast and he can throw things, kick things, yell, run, and stomp around all he likes.

When John woke up I made pancakes, and we ate them. Then John seemed to be perfectly content to settle into the couch to listen to the radio or watch TV. Jet, who was utterly bored, started eating crayons, throwing things, and drawing on the carpet, the couch, and other stuff. Jet really doesn't misbehave unless he's tired or bored, and he was both.

Finally, I grabbed Jet and got him to nurse and take a nap. I then said, out loud, that I wanted to do something other than just sit around the house. And that after Jet's nap we were going out. So John made a list, and I took some time and went upstairs to the office. Instead of journaling or posting this, I took the time and used it on Chinese calligraphy. Mom and Dad had given me lots of cool stuff, including a lesson book with a new style of calligraphy, so I used that. It was different, and it was interesting that I could sense the difference between the characters and the ones I've been using as a guide up to this point. But I don't think I could explain the difference.

When Jet woke up we put into action a plan that we've had as Jet hasn't really eaten much in a very long time. We made hot dogs and baked beans. Jet dove right into the baked beans. He probably ate half a can of beans. He ignored the hot dog or tried to push it onto the ground. So he's definitely tired of hot dogs, I think. He drank a lot of juice and nibbled a couple of chips, but he even ignored the chips for the baked beans. I was impressed.

Jet was far, far happier after the nap and the food.

So we headed north, to Longmont. We stopped for a few moments at a Mexican produce stand that looked really nice, but I had no plans for doing anything immediately. So we didn't buy anything. Jet loved looking, though. He really didn't want to go back to the car. We managed to lure him back in, though, with a game. We would walk with him between us. On 'Three' John and I would carefully and gently pick him up and swing him forward. He loved that and would 'Whee!" and say three syllables with the same cadence as our count to get us to do it again.

The Ranch Home Store took the place of a Country Store, which had pretty much the same things. Ranch clothing, farm implements, farm equipment, animal supplies, and all kinds of feed filled the place. Jet loved it and charged all around the store, looking at things, poking things, and pulling at handles of all kinds. He also charged through the clothing, pulling at flannel shirts, giggling at hats, touching all the shoes and boots, and saying "shoes" every time he touched a shoe. They had excellent children's snow boots. We'll wait until we're going out into the snow to get him a pair. In just three months, he jumped a size and a half, so in two he might be another size bigger, again.

He loved the place. We just had to keep him away from the poisonous stuff, but there was so much he could play with. So much simple equipment he could haul around. There were shelves of tiny animal toys and he touched every one on the bottom three shelves he could reach, on both sides. He liked the hippo a lot, but he was content to just touch them and then leave them there.

But he did get pretty tired doing all that, so when we hit the Albertson's for some eggs and a few other things we needed before John's parents get here, Jet was content to sit in the cart. So it was a fairly quick trip.

We headed home, unloaded, put things away and then headed out to Cinzetti's, an all-you-can-eat Italian place. We figured there would be more chance that something would appeal to Jet. He ate fried calamari, spaghetti, and a few olives. He ate a fried cheese stick, and nibbled at various other things on our plates. He drank half a cup of cranberry juice after making a face after the first swallow of the tart stuff. So he did well.

So we had fun with desserts. John got a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream and two little chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse and topped with a bit of cream. Jet ate the cream off the top, first. And he liked it well enough that he got a mouthful of the chocolate mousse, which surprised him a bit. He spit out a lot of it, but the ate the rest that was in the cup. I then showed him that the cup itself could be eaten. Jet's eyes got big, and he took an experimental nibble before biting it big. Happy boy.

Then it was my turn. I went and got another cup, some Oreo cookie ice cream, a cup of tiramisu, a fruit tart, and a tiny cream puff. I offered Jet the cream puff, but he wasn't interested. So I offered him the other things. He tried the tart, but disliked the blueberry, so he spit it out. Finally he reached out and grabbed the tiramisu, which I hadn't really offered him. So he ate most of it, while I ate the other desserts, and then he ate some of my ice cream as well.

He certainly got his calories today.

He fell asleep on the way home, but since it was only eight and we didn't want him up at 4, we woke him up when we were home. It took a little doing, but he was pretty happy after a while. He pulled the bar stool over to the desk, climbed it and said, "Open!" and banged on John's laptop.

So we opened it and started his software and he played at it happily for nearly all the time until his usual pumpkin time. He looked pretty tired and was taking a breather from the game when I said, "Are you tired?"

He nodded and said, tiredly, "Yeah..."

I said, "Let's get you changed into your PJ's." And Jet held his arms up to get picked up.


I don't think I've had that clear a conversation with him before. He was smiling when I put him on the changing table and took his clothes and cotton diaper off and put on his overnight stuff. He went right to sleep while nursing and snuggled in nicely. Yay! Tired toddler...

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