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October 14, 2002
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Pleeeze! Can I Help? and Tea

9:15 pm: A mildly weird day because of last night. Jet was up for two and a half hours, and I was up with him for two of them. I was really surprise when he woke up at 6:15, and stayed up after nursing, too. He only had one hour's worth of nap today and was, therefore, touchy, cranky, and inclined to crying every time he couldn't do exactly what he wanted to do.

Poor guy.

It also drove me nuts, too. Though some of it was that I thought I had a 3:30 meeting and realized, only now, that the meeting was cancelled due to the main guy being on vacation.

I was very tired when John got home. I was able to sleep in this morning, as John took Jet when Jet got up, but I was still tired from the long interruption during the night. So I brewed myself some oolong tea and got going with my work. John took Jet downstairs to bike with him and I got some time to just concentrate.


I needed that.

Jet did pretty well. He had some good moments when he was helping me cook sweet potatoes for dinner. When I'd cut them all up, he helped me layer the slices into my pan. I added some butter and a handful of brown sugar. Jet started saying, "Pleeze! Pleeze! Pleeze!" holding his hand out at the sugar bag. I hesitated, but then let him reach in and he immediately took a handful of it and threw it into the pan! Yay!

He gave me the biggest smile. He even cleaned some of the sugar up from under the pan and put it right into the pan. We then lit the fire, and he immediately backed off and we let it cook for a while.

John, in the meantime, roasted a chicken o the outside rotisserie. He rubbed it with the Penzey's Southwest seasoning and just roasted it. It was juicy and wonderful when he brought it in to rest before I carved it. I also cooked a bit bowl of fresh broccoli, and I was glad I did when that was the only thing Jet would eat. The funny thing is that Jet ate big bites of the sweet potato when it was raw, but he wouldn't touch it after it was cooked. That surprised me.

I have no idea what it is that he'll eat and what he won't.

He played with John on the laptop for a while, enjoying it far more when we interacted with him and the program than if we left him to it. That makes sense.

When he was changed and lay down to nurse, he was dead asleep within ten minutes. I'm a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. I'll do okay with a mug of chamomile. I just found out that we have a completely unopened box of Celestial Seasonings' chamomile in the cupboard, when I cleaned out the herbal shelf and moved it down to the easiest shelf to reach. We drink the herbals far more often than anything else.

Though, recently, I've been starting to drink the normal teas again. Enough so that I bought a small glass teapot today along with a handful of samplers from Imperial Tea Court and from Upton Teas. I couldn't see spending a larger amount on The Republic of Tea's Imperial line when I have a direct source from their source. Plus I could get small enough amounts that they wouldn't be completely stale by the time I drank them.

I have, admittedly, several dozen teapots. Two of which I should probably get rid of, as if I ever have a tea party everyone will likely have their own, individual pot, rather than using a huge pot and brewing a quarter of lower level tea all at once in anything. I like tea too much to treat it that badly anymore. I still remember brewing Lipton in the huge purple ceramic monster I have, with the four matching cups. My.

I need the small, 10 oz, glass pot because I wanted something that is small enough to brew significantly less than a full mug. I want to brew into something where I can just put the leaves loose. I want to have something I can pour the tea from (into a fine mesh strainer) and still be able to use the leaves again if I choose to do so. I also really need for it to be non-absorptive of flavors as I'm going to be brewing everything from silver needles to pu-erh in it. I have Yixing pots for nearly every type of oolong, pu-erh, and even one pot just for the Ting Tung Formosa style oolong. There's one that's probably good for white teas, too, Mutan, silver needle, and White Peony.

But it's hard, sometimes, to get them out, use them, empty them, dry them, and make sure eager little hands don't injure them. And I can't do any loose herbals in any of them, as the bitterness of the residues will just kill a Yixing pot. So glass would be nice for Egyptian Chamomile, Chinese Chrysanthemum, and rough cut hibiscus, too. I also have canisters of Ginseng Peppermint, Fields of Flowers, and chunks of licorice root. All nice things by themselves. Bad if they're mixed, and it would be fun to brew them where I could see them and brew them without a filter basket.

So I spent ten bucks on a glass pot. I think I'll use it. I guess I could have spent far less on a glass measuring cup and use that. It might even pour better. Hee.

Ah well. Might as well have beauty as well as functionality.

Haley has a 106 degree temperature and is throwing up tonight. She has the flu. Jet is exposed. We're all likely to follow and fall into that particular pit. Luckily, John's parents are arriving tomorrow and they may rescue us from that particular hell. Or at least let us rest. I just hope they don't get it. Heck. I hope we don't get it, either, but Jet was looking so worn through and tired that I don't think he'll escape it this time around.

10:40 Whew. Jet woke up long enough to nurse. Now to go to sleep. Mmm..

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