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October 12, 2002
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Size Seven

All plans may fail, and poor John was so used to getting up early, that when he woke up at 7, he couldn't get back to sleep, so he was just up. I was up at 6 with Jet, and I did manage to shape the cinnamon rolls and let them rise in a warm oven for a good hour before baking them. They turned out wonderful. Tender, sweet but not too cloying, and sticky enough without being so rich they were a sin to eat. They were just really good and made for a comforting breakfast.

Jet ate a whole one himself! Yay!

Afterwards, John headed upstairs with a clothing hamper and we got all the clothing that we knew was too big for Jet. We got it all, added all his clothing that's in his changing table, now, and dumped it into a huge pile that Jet immediately dove into and started throwing in all directions. That was pretty fun. We started sorting them into piles that were still too big for him, those that would fit him, and then those that were now too small. Jet tried to mix all the piles back up again, but we kept at it, and finally ended up with all the too small stuff put away, the too big stuff put away, and the just right stuff back into his changing table.

Luckily, most of it was warm weather gear. When we were completely done, all that we really needed for Jet was socks that were actually big enough for his feet. I don't really think he's worn socks that were just right for a very long time. Probably since my parents bought him some socks when they were last here.

When that was done and we knew what we had to get, we headed out to do our errands. Recycling, kitchen stocking, and then we hit Target for socks and shoes for Jet.

We were in for a huge shock, as when we put Jet on the foot sizing chart, his feet, when properly spread out on the floor, were a SEVEN!! He was wearing five and a half sized sneakers all this time. We'd bought them for him when we were in Seattle, just three months ago, and he's gone up a size and a half since then.

The first thing Jet grabbed was a pair of Hot Wheels slippers!! They were shaped like cars, and he was driving them around, and he thought they were really cool. So we bought them for him. We also found a pair of rubber waders and a pair of regular sneakers. All in size seven. They seemed just a little big on him, but that was a good thing, as I'm sure he'll grow right into them.

He loved the yellow, rubber boots, and stomped around in them for a while, and he didn't seem to really like the sneakers, but they're the kind of shoe he's been wearing every day. So we got them for him anyway. He wore the Hot Wheels slippers out through the checkout line and gave grins to a guy who complimented him on them.

From there we headed home. Jet and I napped in the bedroom, John napped downstairs in the basement and got a good three hours of sleep. So eventhough he didn't sleep in, he did get his sleep.

Jet and I played with the BabyWow a lot more, and he really enjoyed that. I got a good hour to just work on my journal and stuff, while he was thoroughly occupied. I was very glad of that.

When John did get up and took Jet, I went downstairs and after Jet had gotten interested in the spinning wheel, I thought about digging my yarns out. I did find two projects that were almost done. One was a wool scarf that was more the size of a shawl than a scarf. All it needed was a finished end and binding off. The other was a sweater that had some major structural problems, but looked like it might be salvageable.

Other than that, all I had was yarn, wool, and raw fibers that needed spinning. The yarns I have, though, are pretty wonderful things, and I thought about what I would want to make now that my hands are better than they used to be.

John was a sweetie and made a sack of Voila for dinner. The frozen stuff that can just get poured into a pan and cooked up. It was okay. Jet refused to touch it, though. It's going to be hard growing up with a boy that hates really fast food. Hee. But good in other ways.

I got to finish the scarf/shawl, and it was pretty easy, though Jet kept trying to make away with my needles or the yarn. Finally, I persuaded him that they were my project, not his, and he did okay with it all. While I occupied Jet with my new things, John made cookies. He loves the mixer and the cookies always turn out quite yummy.

It was really nice to just be at home with the scent of freshly baked cookies. I was also able to take the scarf, wash it, and then block it on the floor of our bedroom. No pins, the way I would have done it when I was doing it. Pins are just too scary around a one and a half year old. But it was really nice to just finish something that's probably been sitting around for half a decade, waiting to be done.

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