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October 15, 2002
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Making Dinner from Scratch

11:36 pm: Jet was up a lot last night, and I was hurting from it. He got up with John and they did good while I slept a bit more. I actually got to go in with John this morning, as he'd arraigned with Joan for Jet to stay with them for four hours this morning. Facilities gave a presentation today about the future of the Longmont campus and what they're planning for it. They also served pizza. So we went in together with the intention of going to that and leaving together during or after the presentation. It worked out well. Especially since I was so sleep deprived.

My meetings went fine. But the second one ran long and then Fei cornered me with a dozen questions, apologizing for each one. I was actually quite glad that he had the courage to ask them all. They were very much necessary for getting things right in the end, but he always apologizes for bringing problems to me. I don't mind too much, and it's good to just get it done without being confrontive about it all.

The pizza before the presentation was good. A local place that make a good crust and isn't skimpy on the toppings. The talk was funny in some ways as it seemed to be as much sales pitch as informative. I was surprised to find that the overall plan has enough room for 5000 folks! We only have about 600 on campus at the moment, so the company is looking to grow, significantly, in Colorado in the long term. I kind of liked that. I also liked how the themes played across all the campuses, and that there would be connecting walkway through all three campuses in this area. I'd love to walk that when the time comes.

It was interesting to realize that I would be happy sticking with Xilinx for the next ten years if need be. I like my work. I like the people, and I really enjoy the company and how it treats its people. I like how we do, and what we do and how much it affects the whole of the electronics industry. We provide the circuits that no one else thought of before. That's kind of a cool way of being.

When we did go home, I took a 2 hour nap before having to get up for a meeting. John and Jet went off to get George and Isabel, and left me at home because I had a massage with CeLena. I went to her house and knocked on the door and she wasn't there! I couldn't believe it and tried half a dozen times before finally giving up and going home.

I called her machine, left a message and figured that if she was going to be able to get me in later, that I should really get dinner together now. So I tried to. We'd planned on enchiladas because we had the leftover roast chicken. But when I looked in the pantry, we didn't have any enchilada sauce! Oops. We did, however, have tomatoes and dried, red chilies. So I cut the romas in half, and broiled them while I cleaned the red chilies, toasted them, and then let them soak in hot tap water.

That's when CeLena called and said that it'd be fine for me to come over at 5 instead of 4:30. She'd been out running for the Eerie Erie, as she'd gotten her date book all mixed up for today. She had time for me tonight, though, so we'd just do it. I was very grateful and said sure! I then kept going with my dinner prep, as fast as I could.

While the chilies soaked, I realized that we didn't have enough corn tortillas, either, so I got the masa out, and found that we had bugs in them! The thin plastic bag hadn't been enough to keep them out. So I had to sift out some of the bugs, throw the rest away, and make four tortillas with my press and my griddle. It was easy enough. I then blended the chilies, the tomatoes, some garlic, and chopped onion together, put it through a sieve and realized that I had exactly five minutes before I had to go! Eek. So I grated cheese, chopped chicken, and then pulled out a big casserole dish.

I just threw some sauce in, added four tortillas, then layered chicken, cheese, chopped onions, and more sauce until all the tortillas, chicken, and onions were used up. I threw more cheese on top, and then stuffed it into the oven and set the timed bake.

I then threw myself out the door for CeLena's and on the way the doubt suddenly hit me that I hadn't turned the stove off under my cast iron griddle that I'd done the tortillas on. So when I got to CeLena's, I asked her if it would be okay for me to go back home? She said sure, and we'd be set for 5:30 instead of 5... She was very gracious about it and understanding and I ran home, made sure the stove was completely off and was able, then to go back to my massage and enjoy it completely. Yay!

John, Isabel, and George had dinner on the table when I finally got back. I'd called them when I was leaving, to tell them that I'd be late back, but the timing worked out so that when I got home, they were just sitting down to dinner. That was very good.

It was very keen to see them again! Yay! Grandparents! Jet has taken to them right away, again, and seems to be enjoying their attention, tremendously. I'm glad that they got here safe, and that everything worked out for getting them here

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