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October 16, 2002
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Party at the Pumphouse

10:11 pm: A very busy day today, with work in the morning, lunch out with everyone, two meetings in the afternoon plus a party in the evening. And then there was minor miscommunication about realizations that weren't really verbal yet, which seems to be resulting in Jet staying up as long as there's something 'interesting' going on. I am really tired.

Jet didn't get up for a whole six hour period, but he didn't get to sleep until 11 and woke up at 5:30. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, as I wasn't quite nursed out and when he didn't wake up at all, I was pretty tight with milk. That was mildly unhappy making. It's giving me yet another reason to contemplate weaning. I still enjoy my cuddle time with Jet, but there are distinct disadvantages.

The party was for a guy in John's group that's moving to Ireland. He's joining one of the groups out there for a couple of years, and is moving out there because he wants to have an adventure before he settles down. It sounds like what he really wants to do and he has no qualms about the move. I think that that's very keen.

We had the party at the Pumphouse in Longmont. It's a local brew pub that doesn't bottle what they make. They only serve it at the premises, and sell carboys, kegs, and will even fill jugs if you bring them. They also brew their own root beer, which I really enjoy and they have fairly good burgers. I thought it would extend to their dinners, but it really didn't, sadly. Too salty and not as lovingly prepared as their hamburgers. Ah well.

The company was good. Karen was there, and I took unfair advantage of that to talk with her about some of the things that had really frustrated me at work. Brandi was sitting by us and we bored her silly. Oops. So we stopped and talked about her puppy, our babies, and the relative size of our kids. Jet's very small. He's tenth percentile. Karen's kids are in the upper 80th percentile. It's quite the impressive difference, as her little boy is about three months younger than Jet, but he's as big, if not bigger. Woo.

Jet fell asleep on the way over to the Pumphouse, and then he slept on John's shoulder for a while. I held him for a while and let him sleep and finally we piled up all our coats on the floor and I put Jet into the pile of coats. He sprawled there, deep asleep while the party went on all around him. None of it bothered him in the least. He was supremely comfortable and oblivious to the goings on. I am so glad we take him to so many places that he can do that, easily.

He slept through dinner, again. This time, though, he woke up in time to actually eat something. Lily had a bunch of fish and chips, and Jet gladly ate some fries. He also wasn't shy about asking for more of them when he'd finished the ones he had. She was just as happy to feed him, too. That was pretty cool. He ate just fried, drank some of my root beer, and basically had a toddler kind of meal. Afterwards, though, he started getting upset, and we couldn't figure out why. John followed him around for a while and Jet just got fussier and fussier, even with huge fire trucks and a bunch of lighted bottles to play with, he just got angrier and angrier.

I followed him for a while, and he got into the hallways, headed into the bathroom and looked around, wailing. Finally I figured out that there might be something going on with that, and picked him up and got the diaper bag. I took him to the changing table and he was completely soaked through and he'd had some diaper rash earlier today. The wetness must have been chafing him something horrible, because as soon as I got him into a dry diaper, his personality changed back into the cheerful, happy little guy he normally is. Wow.

Isabel said, later, that she'd asked him if he needed a change and he'd said, "Yeah." Oops. I'll have to make sure I ask him that myself.

Afterwards, we headed out into the cold night air, and walked a few stores down to the East Indian market. They were doing pretty well and had large amounts of the restaurant up. There's a lot of construction work still to be done, but the guy took us on a tour through their new restaurant. As he started to take us on the tour, he scooped Jet up into his arms. Jet took a good look at him and started to cry. Oops. He definitely has stranger anxiety at the moment, not as badly as he could have, but enough that if a complete stranger just hefts him, he's unhappy. Not that I blame him.

So I took him and we got to step around all the new construction, peer at everything, and come back and shop a bit. I got some of the green chilies that they use, and some red lentil dal. I also bought a bag of cumin seed as that won't go bad easily, and while the seed is whole it'll keep its flavor. I can toast it and grind it as needed.

It was fun to explore a bit, and buy a few things and, finally, get home.

Sadly, with all the excitement and his grandparents being here, Jet didn't want to go to sleep, especially while they were out in the livingroom, talking with John. He didn't nurse worth a darn. So I finally took him up to his room, and he just rolled off my lap, headed for the door, opened it and then ran downstairs again. He didn't do a header down the stairs, but that was more cause I caught up with him and headed down with him.

It took until about 11:30 to finally get him to sleep. Oof. I'm glad that they'll take him in the morning, though, so we'll at least get some catch up..

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