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October 18, 2002
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Meetings, Tacos, and Monk

9:39 pm: Another productive work day. Jet also just went to bed and seems to have passed out nicely. He had some gas, and we actually gave him some gas drops for the first time in nearly a year, I think.

Everyone is a bit short on sleep, other than me. For all that I went to sleep so late, I didn't really get up until 8. John got up at 6, when Jet did and the two of them slept o the couch until 7, and then John got up and did some work while Jet slept peacefully on the couch. They stayed that way until 8. At 9, John and I left for work in separate cars as he had to be back by noon. I had a meeting that might hold me late. I also got tasked with doing the grocery shopping.

There was an All-Hands meeting for most of the morning. We'd gone in just to do that. It was informative, and there's been interesting restructuring. No layoffs, just jobs getting redistributed and moved around to address the elements that really need to be focussed on in the present situation we, as a company, find ourselves in. It really helped that they actually presented what they really wanted to do, where they wanted us to go, first, in order to show us what was driving the changes.

It helped because it was obvious from those goals why they made the changes they did. I liked that. I also liked that the main goals really matched my understanding and beliefs of where we needed to head. The problems we really needed to focus on were the ones they were outlining as the ones they'd heard from our customers. I was very glad of that.

I like when those two things line up.

So I came out of the meeting no less happy than when I went in and with a greater understanding of what was going on. I like that, too.

My meeting, next, was with my marketing person. It was cool. Half an hour and we both came out with stuff we had to ask people to figure out what it was that we were going to do with one of the features that was blowing into strangeness got resolved. That was very useful and satisfying. After all the frustration of the last couple of days, it was good to get resolution.

I also got groceries. Yay! Home again, home again, and I got to see a very eager Jet eat nearly three-quarters of a grilled cheese sandwich, ignore potato chips, and eat half a carrot. Yow. I got to add a garden ripe tomato to my grilled cheese sandwich, and it was really yummy.

Jet nursed afterwards and went right to sleep. It was very nice. It was a late nap. He'd been all set to nap with Isabel when John came home, so he'd woken up and had been running around like crazy since then. So he got a good hour and a half nap in later than usual, and made it through to his Pumpkin Time with very little to spare. So that nap pattern has been reestablished. I'm *very* glad.

My afternoon was filled with work, really constructive, highly organized work. I enjoyed that.

Jet napped through most of it, and then kept Granny and Grandpa hopping for a while. John went down and started chopping things. I went down and started making corn tortillas. George was so fascinated that he started helping with the pressing and ended up learning so much of it that he started settling them on the griddle, and then cooking them as well. So he now knows exactly how to make corn tortillas from 'scratch'. At least from Masa Harina, which is as much scratch as most people get.

We chopped chicken, heated refried beans, sliced lettuce, grated cheese, mashed avocados, and diced tomatoes. We also had yogurt, tomatillo salsa, hot red salsa, olives, and cilantro. So everyone got to put what they liked on their tacos. That was very keen. Jet even ate a bean and cheese taco with a tortilla George had made for him, which was smaller than ours, but just as round ad just as complete. Jet enjoyed most of it before running off with it into the livingroom and waving the cheese about. Oops.

I spent the last part of dinner chasing Jet around the dining room and livingroom, into the laundry room, which is a dead end. He liked hitting the dead end, turning and giggling as I said I was come and get him!! He would then run by me and do the whole circuit again. And again. And again. *grin* We probably did more than a dozen circuits. He loved that.

I had fun, too, and he got a lot of exercise running around. By the end of it he looked really tired, so we got out the ice cream. Jet got a good dose of it for himself, first, and while he ran around eating everyone else's for a little while, he stopped eventually and just played for a bit.

We all watched Monk and Jet got cranky right at his usual Pumpkin Time. He nursed on one side, and then rolled away to see what was happening as they got ready to go downstairs. He then refused to nurse again. He kept asking for John and whimpering even when John was holding him. We finally gave him some Tylenol and when John heard gas rumbling around in Jet's tummy, for the first time in several months, we gave him anti-gas drops.

Jet relaxed immediately. He attacked my second breast, but fell asleep so quickly that he didn't get a let down. I'm a little achy, but he got some so that I'm not too full.

I needed time alone. Everyone else has gone to sleep. And I'm up writing and watching Tony in A Cook's Tour in New York and sipping my camellow tea, it's a chamomile blend by Upton Tea, and it's nicely lemony and herby. I may buy a whole tin of this just to be able to use it loose instead of in bags. Still, I have a whole box of Celestial Seasonings' chamomile to get through.

It'll be good to relax tonight. I'm not *done* with stuff at work, but I now have a steady handle on what's happening. That is important. And with John's Mom and Dad here, I can pile up the hours and use them later for vacations. I like that a lot. I already talked with my boss about ruing up some comp time right now, and she was good with it. I get to keep track of it all and she wants me to make sure that I use it. I loved that she emphasized that I use the time.

Okay, I really like my boss. Hee.

One cool story about Jet from George and Isabel is that when they wet out for a walk a garbage truck went by them. Jet got more motivated than they've ever seen him and he literally ran after the truck to see what it was like. They caught up with it enough to let Jet study it completely. He got to look all over it and see all the parts.

Jet's talking quite a lot more just these last few days. I'm very glad of it. He's saying things like, "Thank you, Granny." and answering questions with words that aren't the ones we asked the question with. Like when we gave him his little taco, Isabel asked him if it tasted good and he smiled and said back, "Yummy!" Yay! More language!

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