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October 19, 2002
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Pho with Bob and Bad Dog Birthday

A very socially busy day. We got a whole lot in for getting a slow start in the morning. I was pretty amazed, and I think I'm pretty overloaded, as well. It's not really a problem, and there seems to be some chance, tomorrow, that I'll get some time to myself. I really need it after today.

The morning was good in that everyone got to sleep in to some extent. Everyone going to bed early last night helped as well. I know that Isabel said that she slept more soundly, last night, than she has for quite some time. I'm glad of that. We had a haphazard breakfast as we hadn't really planned anything. Pears, grapefruit, bagels, leftovers, and other stuff all got eaten. I wanted something light, not a full waffle breakfast as John proposed, as we were going to have a big lunch.

Jet napped early, so I got some time with my Chinese calligraphy. I'm mostly just using the brush pen I'd bought when I was with Carl at an art store out in the Bay Area. It's very handy. No cleaning, no worrying about the tip, and a steady flow of ink. No need to grind ink or clean up all the equipment. There's less of a meditative flow to it, of course, but it sure saves time when I'm doing it and Jet needs something. I can just leave it. No worrying about the brush getting caked or ink drying in places where it shouldn't be. Best of all I only have to keep the pen away from Jet, not the pen, the ink stone, the ink stick, the water, etc. etc. etc...

It's nice. I even made myself a good guide for the pen, as it's good at certain sized characters, given the size of the brush. I have a guide that's good for a full-sized brush, but not really one for a small brush. So I made a smaller guide. It's on paper, though, and while I can see it through two sheets of the good paper, it would be better if I had a plastic shield for the guide, I think. I kept that in mind during our later adventures.

After Jet napped, got a snack, some water, a sippy cup filled, and his diaper bag all set up, we loaded everyone into the car and headed into Denver. We got to the pho 79 shop a bit early, but got a good table while we waited. Jet was cranky. He didn't want to go walking outside, though. He literally grabbed my pants and pulled me back into the restaurant. After thinking about it all, I guess he was hungry. As he was cranky, sad, and prone to tears until after the food came. Even then he'd cry at any little thing for a while. He got to sit in my lap with his bowl of noodles and soup and he ate from it for a while before we finally settled him into his own booster chair. He'd kick and scream every time we tried to get him into his high chair. He wanted just the booster seat.

So he got the booster seat, and his food. When he was through with his noodles, I gave him another equal amount of them and he went right through that as well. With the third helping he finally slowed down, and started playing with some of them. Finally, with just a few noodles left, he pulled them all out and put them carefully on the table. Then he picked up his bowl and started drinking the soup. I gave him three helpings of soup before he took a breath. Whew. Then he picked at stuff while grinning at everyone. He was in a far, far better mood after food.

I'm glad.

Bob, Mei and Andrew arrived right at the time we'd set, and it was cool to talk to them again. Mei's cooking classes are starting to get a bit busier, and she's doing well. Bob had a great time talking with Jet. Andrew went through one of the Large bowls, which I could swim in. The Medium is almost too large for me, but Andrew downed a large in no time at all. I nearly can't imagine that some day Jet will eat like that. Yow.

It was cool to get caught up with them. Talk and visit and eat together. Yay!

Afterwards, we headed towards Boulder, and they took off to do some shopping at the Chinese grocery. Mei and I agreed that it seemed a shame to come all this way and not get *something* from the other Asian stores near here. They're all so conveniently placed in one area! But we had other plans and I have so much food at home that it would be more of a shame for me to get stuff and have something rot before we could get it all eaten. So I actually refrained, for once, and didn't buy anything at the Asian markets.

Instead, we headed towards Costco and got stuff there! Ha. Mostly staples, though, and breakfast fruit. They had great Texas grapefruit. They also had protein bars and Jet liked the cookies and cream bars well enough that I got him some of them. He's been going through the Cocoa Puff cereal and milk bars at quite the rate. Instead, we headed towards Costco and got stuff there! Ha. We actually didn't pick up all that much food, and what we did get was long-term stuff, either cans or smoked stuff or breakfast fruit.

Costco was on the way to Debbie and Matt's. Boris was having his fourth birthday, and he and his people were throwing a party and we were invited. Anotherfriend of theirs had brought their 16-month-old daughter, and Debbie's sister had brought her much older son. So between the seven dogs and three kids the house was just hopping.

It was really cool to go there and have fun with everyone and talk and eat pizza and just watch the dogs run. Jet didn't have any more trouble with the dogs than he had had the last time, and had a great time playing with Scott, Debbie's nephew. The two of them pushed around a big exercise ball, and Scott was really careful around Jet. Jet loved playing with the much larger boy, and had a great time, laughing and carrying on.

Jet actually ate a little bit of pizza amid all the excitement, and he drank some lemonade, but he mostly just followed Scott around or had fun avoiding the dogs. He also stole George's croquet mallet and ball and started trying to play with Grandpa's help. That was fun.

At one time Scott and Jet were playing with the little girl's blocks and Scott had built this large tower. Jet started trying to knock it down with swipes of his right hand, and Scott blocked him, pretty effectively with one hand. Jet kept swiping, and then suddenly realized he had a whole extra hand as well. So he got his left hand in and knocked it down. That delighted both Scott and Jet. Hee. But it frightened the little girl a bit, and she cried for a while. She was okay again once the blocks were building again. Yay!

There were a lot of people there, and I got mildly overloaded, but folks were interacting with each other so much it was easy for me to find a quiet state of being wherever I wanted, either out with the dogs or inside with Jet. I could just follow him around and no one would blame me for watching out for him. I liked that.

So it was a very busy evening, and Jet fell asleep on the way home, but woke up just enough to nurse a bit before going to bed. Busy day.

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