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October 17, 2002
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Working, Swimming, and Eating

I enjoyed today quite a lot. It was very busy, but in good ways and having Isabel and George here has made a huge difference in how much I can get done with work. It's astonishing how much I can accomplish with several hours to concentrate on things rather than getting interrupted after two and then not knowing if I'll have an hour or an hour and a half sometime in the afternoon. I'm amazed.

I also got a great 1:1 with my boss and she's tracking things I've completely forgotten about. I got my notebook filled with checkboxes for things that I need to get done, and there's a good progression on a number of items because I can now remember them and I'm not getting hung up on the ones that got stalled out. Jayashree is extraordinarily good at pointing me at the things that I can do when I'm angry or frustrated about the items that I cannot do.

I liked that.

It makes me far more productive than I would be if I were just angry all the time. And I was tremendously productive.

It helped that Isabel and George were doing all the baby watching. They took Jet out for walks, prompted him with words, and played and played and played with him. He loves all the attention.

They also made dinner. Right at 5:30, all the smoke alarms went off in the house, as the baking dish overflowed and the overflow burnt badly. The alarms scared Jet badly. Poor guy. I opened up the upstairs while John opened up the downstairs and we soon aired out the house enough to stop the alarms. They started up every time they opened the oven, though, and scared Jet a bit each time.

I stopped working as it was too hard to think when my ears were ringing and it was time, anyway. Dinner was well worth the disruption and we had a polenta and black bean casserole. Yum.

At seven we headed out to swimming. I got to take my water aerobics class, and they got to play like crazy all over the pool. There was one point where Jet was swimming past me in his tube and grinning at me every time he caught my eye. He just zoomed all over the pool, going wherever he wanted. He wanted to climb out and follow the other boys that were using the diving board, but he couldn't get out of the pool o his own, and John wasn't about to help him. So they just kept going around the pool.

I was impressed. We played a little while after my class, and then we went and showered and changed. When we came out, I saw Sherry, the class instructor, with a plate of cake. She said that they were trying to get rid of it, and I asked for a piece. When John handed me a showered Jet, I was able to feed Jet some cake.

He was hungry, I think, and wolfed the slice down, though I had to feed it to him by hand. When he got home, he drank off one side and went to sleep. We were ecstatic. He went upstairs. I showered. As I was drying off and lotioning up I heard Jet get up and John take him downstairs and heat up a bottle of milk for him. Jet not only drank the whole bottle, he drank my other side and then he was still awake.

Twenty minutes later I finally give up on trying to nurse him to sleep and I get a pear and start eating it as it's perfectly ripe. Jet gets hold of it and starts eating it from the berry end and eats it along the core. He eats all of it, only spitting out the seeds and the stem. Wow. He was really hungry, I guess. He doesn't want to go to sleep while we're watching Cold Fusion. So I get John to turn the TV off at 11, and with the house completely dark, Jet comes over to me and crawls into my arms and goes to sleep.


I'm so tired. But I'm glad he went to sleep. We'll see how he does from here on in.

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