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October 21, 2002
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Moblie Heart, Cranky Jet, and Profit Sharing

9:42 pm: My work machine's heart and soul got mobile, today. The whole of the hard disk got moved to a new disk in a removable chassis, so when I bring my removable disk in to work, it is basically my machine on the network at work. It's pretty cool. I should be able to print from it on the network printers and get a bunch of stuff done without interrupting or worrying about what I copied or what I didn't copy up to the network! That's pretty cool.

The removable drive is the boot drive both for my home machine, now, and the lab machines at work, so I should do just fine with it doing exactly what it's doing at home. I like that a lot.

I got a lot of work done today. The amusing thing is that at 10 am, which is normally far too early for Jet to be napping, I heard his voice. And I started leaking milk! I haven't done that for a very long time. When I did, I went downstairs. Jet heard the unlatching of the gate and he ran to greet me with this huge smile, and I caught him up and we hugged each other solidly. He then made uh uh sounds that were his "I really want to nurse and I'm tired" sounds and he went right to sleep when we did.


John had boiled and baked the bagels this morning. Isabel was still very admiring of them, even when half of them were with significant amounts of green chile. John reported that they actually had bite this time. Mm. I got a poppy seed bagel! Yay! It was crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and perfect with a good smear of smoked goat cheese through it. It was wonderful.

I had just a Stouffer's frozen lunch for my lunch and worked through lunch. I finished up at 3, and went down to a staggeringly tired Jet. He refused to nurse, though. He wanted to play with his bucket of drawing implements, and play he did. He drew on his papers, on the most part, and went through every single pen asking to get the top taken off when he couldn't handle it and when he could, he did so and had other people put the tops back on. That was pretty tiring in some sense.

He also got gradually crankier and crankier. By the time I started making dinner it was imperative that I put him up on the bar stool and let him watch me cut open the butternut squash and prep the chicken for baking. I'd parted out and marinated one chicken before lunch time, and when it was time to cook, I just laid it out in a roasting pan and let it cook at 375 for about 45 minutes. It was totally done, the skin was crisp and the flesh was tender.

John didn't get home until early 7, as he'd had a meeting at church after work. After not seeing him for so long it was nice having him to distract Jet for a while.

Jet was doing all the little things that make it harder to take care of him. Throwing pens, getting into the Lego pen but then throwing the little bead blocks everywhere, at one point he wanted to be up by the computer upstairs and started throwing all the papers on the desk in every direction, and finally on the way back downstairs he saw something he had to have, eventhough he shouldn't, and I finally had to just close the downstairs gate and let him try to climb it, rant, and rave at it for a good twenty minutes until he finally gave up.

Just before dinner Jet grabbed a protein bar from the pantry and after eating a third of it, he was far, far happier. I think there's definitely something to the balance theory of nutrition. He probably shouldn't have a huge amount of one of those bars, but a little went a long way towards giving him a better attitude. He played with some peas and squash and mostly kept them on the plate for a good long while until he was bored. I was glad that that was when John got here and took care of Jet.

Then it was just time for Jet's bath and after the bath we had some ice cream. He loved that. He got a good portion to himself and then started mooching for a bit, but he got full quick and he was also pretty tired. He got some time in the Boppie, lying on his back with his head propped up a bit to watch the TV. We threw a towel over him and he got to relax for a while as we talked.

Finally he actually got upset when I went off to do something! That was something new compared to the last few nights. He dragged the Boppie over to me and, for the first time this week, he asked to nurse. He went right to sleep after the first side and I had to wake him up a little to at least consider the other side. It helped out enough for me to not be too uncomfortable.

When John took him upstairs he went right to sleep. Yay!

Speaking of comfort, my mildly too large jeans are perfect. They're comfortable, warm, and there's *just* enough room in the boot leg for my wool socks. Yay! I'm really glad that I finally gave in and got myself a comfortable pair of jeans. They're not the best ever and they don't fit my body to a T, that's why I like them. Hee.

So a good surprise today was profit sharing checks for both John and I. Yay! So all the little things I've been buying are now easily covered. I'm very glad of that. One of the things that arrived today was my Pendemonium delivery. Yay! Yay! Yay! Jet loved the Lego pen. He's far to young to play with it by himself, but he's okay with supervision. The Lama Li journal is pretty cool. Very lightweight, with a lovely textured paper that is really fun to write in. Finally, the Monteverde Olympia fountain pen, with a blue marbled plastic grip and brilliant brass covered with chrome sleeve is just gorgeously made. I love the Olympia and really, really enjoy the smoothness of the hand-ground nib.

I have to get Singer one of these, in tiger-eye with a lefty grind. Yowza.

The red pears arrived from Harry and David's and Jet loves them from the blossom end up. I love them when they're ripe, but they're taking a good deal of time to get there. It's good, though, to have great fruit in the house. It's just a great snack when I could be eating a cookie or something worse for me.

I'm also really enjoying my Upton tea delivery. Amusingly enough I ordered tea from the Imperial Tea Court at the same time and they only called me today to confirm that I wasn't the person by the same name from Redmond, WA. Wow. OLD records. Or I just haven't bought tea from the San Francisco site in that long, while they had their Renton store. I'm just amused at the differences in service. I have my Upton teas and they're wonderful. After this long drinking tea, I only buy samples anymore. They last me for three or four cups and that's all before I move onto something new. That's perfect for me. A two, or even worse, a four ounce packet size is enough tea for me for years, and I just threw out a bunch of really expensive teas that don't really taste like tea anymore.

That was sad. But it was good to make room for tiny quantities of the really good stuff. I needed to do that, badly.

I'm finding, more and more, that I am actually willing to pay for less. I know that if I bought these teas in four ounce batches that I'd get a better deal. But it's not worth it to be left with stuff I don't want, anymore.

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