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October 22, 2002
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Crazy Busy Day

Crazy day. It was utterly crazy today. Just way the fuck too much stuff going on and too much stuff to do and too many things in too many directions with too much going on for me.

It was good that way, too. Lots got done today that has been sitting around and stagnating for quite some time.

I had the usual big meeting in the morning. Then I got an extra hour when I had on meeting that usually happened Tuesday morning moved to Friday. So I got to take my removable hard drive to Ray and ask him what was up with the network connections for when I was moving to the machine at work? Plus my Solaris workstation was refusing to bring up my net connections or mail. So I couldn't file a request to fix it as I couldn't get to the requesting software. Growl. I hate those Catch-22's.

So I walked down to IT and grabbed Ray and he got someone to try and fix my Sol workstation while he came up with me to test my net connection. We got that working and he told me the magic of letting go of IP connections before taking on new hardware. So I got the secret of the moving back and forth. That was a very good thing.

Then I had an hour long meeting with Marketing while the Project Navigator team celebrated the final CD printings of the release we were working on last year. My. Folks are pretty happy with the 'new' software. It's just so weird to me to be hearing about features that are, to us, a year old being so well received out in the field. They love it, are raving about it. So that's good, but it's just like, "Man, what are you getting worked up about? That's way old news to us!!"

It's funny that way.

I arrived at the celebration with ice cream bars, and I handed them out to everyone so that they wouldn't just melt. My timing was perfect as everyone was finished with their lunch and just ready for dessert. I got my somewhat cold lunch and ate with everyone and talked with them for a while. That was good. But it also meant that I didn't get home until 2.

I had a meeting at three and it had been nearly twelve hours since I nursed Jet. I was really full. Jet, on the other hand, was completely occupied with a gear set that Joan had brought by along with the news that Haley was really missing having Jet to play with. They're going to have a play session on Thursday. But Jet was totally engrossed by his new toy. I finally had to have George take it into the garage so that I could nurse Jet. With it out of sight, he finally obliged, and I felt much, much better for my meeting.

That went fine. I worked while they met, and I got a lot done for Thursday's review.

We then got everything together and hit Mina's for dinner. Jet was just really happy today, compared to yesterday. He was mildly cranky all afternoon and evening yesterday, but today he was just a sweetie. He had a pretty nasty night, but got better after a bit.

At Mina's he kept tucking himself up against the salsa bar so that he could watch everything going on in the kitchen and still be out of the way of the folks going in and coming out of the kitchen. He did well there, but then started calling out, "Moona! Moona!!" We didn't know why he was saying that. Everyone took a turn at holding him and finally when I got him, he grabbed my shirt and started pulling up on it. So I nursed him while I ate my beans and rice. He nursed frantically, and when he was done, he finally sat up, looked at the rice and beans and started eating the rice with both fists. Wow.

I guess he was just really hungry.

Mina made him special soup with rice and chicken, with tiny flour tortillas neatly rolled up. Sadly, he didn't touch either. She also gave him a sweet Mexican bread turtle at the end and he ate the sweet shell with gusto, stuffing his face with both hands. Wow. I was very glad that he ate something while all that was going on.

So it was a very good dinner. We all went home happy and content with the food. Jet went to sleep more easily than he has in a while. I'm glad that he isn't staying up until 11:30 anymore just 'cause his grandparents are here. I think he's finally gotten the idea that they're staying around for a while.

The only problem is that after that first night, where I had locked the door to his room, is that he doesn't want to nurse in his room anymore. He'll cry if we stay there. So I have to take him downstairs or he won't nurse, even if he just falls asleep right there. I now regret that. I hope he goes back to his old behavior when things get back to normal, but I have a feeling they won't. We'll see.

I think the toughest part of it is that Jet nearly never wakes up *happy* anymore. He doesn't just lie in his futon and gurgle or laugh or play with the things there anymore. He wakes up crying, mad, and wants to get out as quickly as possible. Now that he can open his door, he can do it pretty quickly, and he's always ending up at the top of the stairs. John and I are now, finally, in the habit of putting the gate up at the top of the stairs. It's a very good thing, as Jet, very clearly, only wants to go down the stairs face first, stepping down the steps instead of sliding, crawling, or anything safer. So it's a really good thing he can't get down himself.

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