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October 23, 2002
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Making the Appointment

Lunch with the gang was at the Double Pepper, and Cary and everyone else was there. I really enjoyed that. The food was wonderful. I got the chile rellenos and, as usual, one of my chilies had real kick to it and I was able to eat half of it before starting to cry. Finally, Cary took pity on me and said that he'd eat it if I didn't want it. So I gave it to him and he enjoyed it with relish. Yay!

I was so glad.

I did one thing today that I'm very proud of. I woke up and when I took my guard out it was obvious, to me, that there was one molar that was meeting with my crown on the lower left side. It's the crown that's been hurting since last Halloween and all the work that's been done since has been, in part, to relieve that tooth. But just these last two days it's been very obvious to me that my bite is meeting on that molar, first, somehow.

So I called the dentists and asked them to make me an appointment to get the bite fixed. They didn't object in the least and scheduled me in for Friday morning! Wow. It's so clear to me right now and my head keeps worrying about, will it go away in the next few days? What happens if they don't believe me? Crazy stuff like that.

But I made the appointment. I have some chance of making this better.

I didn't get to go swimming tonight, as I cooked dinner a little too late for it to happen. I got started late because I had so much work for tomorrow to do. The review is tomorrow, and while I wanted things to be done before it there have been clean up items that I've had to finish just in time.

So the chicken caccatorie got started late, but it was nice and easy and I made it up out of my head. Browning a cut up chicken, pulling the pieces out and all the grease out. Then I cooked one chopped onion and a couple cloves of chopped garlic in the pan, scraping up all the browned bits. I splotted some Italian tomato paste in and let that brown and caramelize nicely. Dry Marsala got all the brown bits up nicely and then I added tomatoes, bay, spices, herbs, and the chicken back. I mostly added oregano, basil, salt, and pepper. I then let it cook for a good half an hour before I started the spaghetti water.

When the spaghetti went in, I added fresh parsley and basil to the chicken and stirred it in. The chicken got put on a platter. The spaghetti went into the sauce and got stirred together and simmered just a bit before we served it all with bread, salad, and whatever everyone wanted to drink.

Good food.

It was just a bit too late for me to go swimming. So I rode the exercise bike, instead, and had a good time doing that. I enjoyed that immensely, by myself, and even got to shower before nursing Jet to sleep. Yay!

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