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October 28, 2002
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Swimming with Jet

9:58 pm: I cannot believe it's Monday, still. I had a wonderful breakfast, an incredibly long work day, and then we all went swimming. I'm still pretty stoked on the swimming.

Some of it is 'cause Jet did some pretty incredible things. He mostly did them because Marina was doing them, but they were still pretty amazing to me. He paddled around happily, as usual, getting pretty much anywhere he wanted to go in his little ring. He had a cloud of adults around him all the time. I'll admit, it's a lot harder keeping up with him and alongside him than it is to do the water aerobics because I didn't have a float while I was doing it.

I had to tread a lot of water while he was studying the separation line between the swimming lane and the rest of the pool. He wandered around slowly, studying things as he went. I was far more comfortable in the deep water than I've ever been in my life. I really do think that the water aerobics really helps me out. Jet had a great time chasing Marina around.

He watched, with really big eyes, as Marina jumped off the diving board and slid down the big slide. Eventually, he headed for the edge of the pool and growled and grunted as he tried to pull himself out of the pool. Finally, I got out of the pool and helped him out as he headed right for the diving board. He was kind of unsteady on his legs after swimming for so long. I had to help him walk the length of the board, as he almost fell off a couple of times. Then, on the end, he peered at the water and then worked to sit down on the edge of the board.

Finally, I lifted him up and well clear of the board and dropped him into the water, right in front of John. Jet went underwater, and came up laughing. He didn't sputter or cough at all, so we're pretty sure he held his breath while underwater. He immediately swam for the edge, again, and tried to climb out. So we did it again, and again, and on the fourth time, when he tried to sit down on the edge of the board, he toppled over to the side!!

He scared the heck out of me. He was fine with it, though a little startled. He might have hit his head on the edge of the pool if he'd been any further back. Aiee. So, after that, I followed him all the way out onto the board. This time he didn't try to sit down. He pretty much stepped off the edge himself, and I just made sure that he cleared the end completely. He did that a couple of times, and then headed towards the slide...

It's a scary slide, to me. It's at least 10 feet tall, maybe 12, and 20 feet long. It's mostly a tube with water running down it. Marina only did it three times before she felt it was just too much to do. The water spray going down the slide is pretty cold. So getting through the spray is pretty uncomfortable. Jet, as he headed towards the stairs up the slide, tried to pull out of his ring. Marina didn't do it with a ring, but it would have scared me far too much to have him do it without his floater rig.

So John took him up with it on, eventhough Jet was yelling about having it on. The moment he looked down the slide, though, he forgot, completely, about the ring. I was at the bottom. I waved hi to him and called him. He studied it thoroughly, even going to the side to see it from that angle. He didn't like the spray, so John set him down just beyond the spray. He didn't struggle too much, and then John let him go.

He slid down, and splashed into the water right in front of me. I was mildly worried that he'd land on top of me, but I judged the distance okay. Whew. He was wide eyed and serious as he came up and was wiping water from his face. He didn't gasp or choke or cough, so he'd done great at holding his breath while going under. I hugged him big and made much of him and he didn't cry at all. He didn't laugh, either, but he didn't' seem at all scared. He just looked really thoughtful about the whole thing.


John made a huge deal of him, too. It just astonished me. The pool was closed about the, so we headed off to the locker rooms. I am still marveling at the whole thing.

George was great. He came without actually swimming, and was able to take care of Jet while John was showering. That was cool. Paul had gone off to have dinner with a friend. He accidentally took Marina's seat with him, so we had to break out Jet's infant seat. Luckily, he's not more than twenty five pounds, yet, and he just barely fit into the seat. Marina just barely fit into Jet's seat, but both of them were safe. Yay!

Breakfast was at Lucille's. We all went in three different cars, so that John could go to work from there, I could go home to go to work from there, and the rest of them fit in the big car to go to parks and stuff. It worked out really well. Everyone had a great breakfast, with the beinets, giant biscuits, and then the Creole breakfasts. Enough food for everyone to last them through lunch. Jet fell asleep on the way there, and slept all the way through breakfast, only waking up in time to hit the playground with Marina.

I went home.

I had an empty house.

That was something I haven't had for a very long time. It was so quiet, so peaceful, and the sunshine was so warm. A beautiful day before the storms are going to roll in tonight. I enjoyed just having the place to myself. I got to do things that I've been distracted from for the last couple of weeks. I made my order with Pendemonium, wrote notes about teas, and got everything squared away for DunDraCon.

I've wanted to plan on the gaming convention. So it was good to do and be sure of it.

I also got a number of things squared away for work, including something that I'd promised to Bob for the meeting this afternoon. Sadly, we didn't get to it. We had too much other stuff to discuss.

Jan made a great dinner of a roasted chicken with roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, and salad. It made the house smell wonderful. I was very happy to just be able to come downstairs and smell the smells. Jet climbed into my lap and nursed for a while. Marina was playing right there, so he stayed awake, and did do a good job of drinking. Afterwards, he pulled a package of ramen out of the pantry and growled at it as he tried to get it open.

Jet doesn't usually eat chicken or vegetables straight. So I finally broke down and boiled up the ramen for him. He hadn't eaten any breakfast, Isabel hadn't gotten him to eat any lunch, so he was probably pretty hungry. He ate nearly the whole package of ramen. He dug right in with a fork and when it got cool enough, he was using both hands to eat the noodles as fast as possible. It was probably the first time he ate dinner while sitting at the table.

His entire personality changed. He was smiling and gurgling and flirting like crazy with Marina and Jan. The food, alone, made a huge difference, and he just loved it. He wouldn't touch the chicken or the vegetables or salad. He just ate noodles, and plenty of them. So I was glad that I'd made it for him. He really needed something. Eventually, he pulled all the remaining noodles from his bowl and drank down the soup.

Whew. So it was in that great mood that we all headed out to swim. He fell asleep just as they were pulling into the parking lot, but he woke up as they got out of the car.

Quite the awesome evening. I got in over six hours today, and asked for tomorrow morning off, so that I can go on whatever adventure they all go on. I think it should be good. My boss had no problem with me taking the half day off. I'm glad. Tomorrow should be another adventure. I hope that all this activity will help Jet get phase shifted to fit the new time

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