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October 30, 2002
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Snowy Day

I skipped swimming today. After a couple days of a white world, I wasn't that interested in going and getting wet while my hair could freeze outside. It also didn't help that I'd gone swimming on Monday, and I'm still sore from that. I think I'm going to have to cut my floats to three next time, just to be sure I get a bigger workout than when I have all four. Chasing Jet around was more of a workout than any of the aerobics classes, to date. So that should be good.

Work was work. It was good to get back into the routine after the craziness of yesterday. John and I went in together and we had a good morning of meeting and stuff. Bob said that we should go to Chef Extraordinarie for lunch, so we did. John, of course, the instant he heard about it said, "Ooo! We could sit outside!" In nearly half a foot of snow, on metal furniture, with a day's high of 18 F. Yeah. Made Bob and I giggle for a very long time.

But it was a great lunch, as the BBQ place wasn't too packed when we got there, and the food was wonderful. My pork sandwich was moist, tender, and full of smoky flavor. Yum. It was a great place for lunch, with it being so cold. Nice to have a solid meal.

Home again home again, for my two meetings, and when I was done, we went out for dinner. We just went to the Souper Salad. On the way over, Jet fell asleep, and pulled an amazing kid stunt of staying asleep eventhough John pulled him out of his seat, tucked him into a tall, plastic, rolling high chair, and took him around the salad bar a few times. Jet then slept, sprawled across the seat while we ate. He slept probably a good hour before finally waking up. But when he did, he had a great dinner. He ate four slices of cantaloupe, a handful of pepperoni, a few animal crackers, a bunch of goldfish crackers, and a good helping of ice cream along with a bunch of water and some grapes.

He'd had a great lunch and snack, too. Ramen, apple, smoothie, Cocoa Puff bar, and plenty of juice and milk as well. So he's eaten quite a lot today. It might bode well for tonight. We'll have to see.

Jet did great at Safeway, after dinner. First riding around, and then running around with George. Jet did great doing steadily down the aisles until he hit the Power Bar area. Then he wanted to take all the bars out and set them on the floor so he could admire them all. Oops. He also hugged a sack of Hershey coconut Treasures for a couple of aisles, but he finally got bored of them, so we could put them back. Yay! There was also so much Halloween candy around, that we had to steer pretty carefully, but we got pretty much everything else gotten, plus stocking up for the next few days.

I managed a pork tenderloin and all the makings for simple cassoulet. I love the hearty bean dish when it's cold out and we have good bread to eat with it. Nice to be able to plan for two, again, for a while. Jet loves beans, too, so he may well eat it as well, eventually. We'll have to see.

Jet did go to sleep quite well, though he didn't fall asleep mid-nursing. He actually finished both sides before going upstairs, so I have some hope for the night. We'll see if he gets up at 5 again.

This morning, when he got up at 5, I actually got up with him and made scones for everyone. It was really easy with a Sticky Fingers mix. I bought it at Cost Plus and really enjoyed the thought of scones in like ten minutes. And it was so easy and so quick that I had the scones completely ready well before the oven got hot. Oops. George was great, though, and when he took Jet, he also took over for the scones, and finished baking them. Everyone liked 'em, but I went back to sleep for a while before getting up again at about 8.

I also had fun buying a friend some tea from Upton and buying some tea for myself as well. I have had a bunch of samples, but a couple of my favorite teas are running out, too. I decided to not restock the teas that I threw out because they'd faded. If I wasn't drinking the tea when I had it, it wasn't going to get drunk just because I'd bought more of it, fresh. I have lots of good teas, and it didn't hurt to restock the ones that were my favorites.

Amusingly enough, for all that I get all these exotic, expensive teas, that my real comforting cup that is my absolute favorite, is the rose congou. It's just sweet and deep and complex and strong enough to make my morning bearable. I really enjoy it hot in the winter and iced in the summer when I need a mild caffeine pickup. We have the Celestial Seasonings herbals for evening entertainment and health help when we're sick or whatever. But a good, black tea is a deep comfort to me.

I'm going to try some of Upton's black tea blends, just to see if there's something else I'd like. They also have a rose green that I thought I'd try. I think I'll do okay with it. Their suggestions are interesting, but I don't know if I'll go for them.

It was also a lot of fun to talk with my friend about what kinds of teas she likes and what she'd want. I really liked being able to not only get her packets of the things she knew she liked, but also getting her some samples of things I thought she might like to try. That was lots of fun. I have to do that for someone else, sometime. It's just that much fun

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