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October 9, 2003
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Jet's Morning Home

I did well with today. It's another one of those inverted days, when Joan takes Jet for the early afternoon.

I'm doing better physically. My throat doesn't hurt anymore. Everything else seems to be pretty much even keel. I am still very tired. I needed to sleep in so I did. John was up with Jet and cheerful about it. He took off when I was up and ready for the world.

The day was sunny, warm, and wonderful. I was really sad that I had to spend an hour and a half of the morning on the phone, in a meeting, when Jet and I could have been playing outside. As it was, he was great, watched a lot of TV, played with his own toys and needed very little attention for the whole time. I thanked him thoroughly when I was done, and we went out onto the sun-warmed back porch and played there for a good long while.

I changed him. Jet got out some Fruit Loops and asked for milk. So I gave him a cold sippy cup of milk, and he drank it quite happily while eating his cereal out on the porch. We played with his cars. Jet slid down his mini-slide, and we talked about the birds, the leaves falling, and the grass. It was fun. I brought out his car seat and diaper bag, and right at 11:30 Joan showed up.

I put the car seat in. Joan tightened it up. Jet then climbed right in, himself. I buckled him in, slung the diaper bag in, and then gave him a kiss on his hair. He grinned at me, and gave me his parade wave, "Bye-bye."

That was cool.

I knew he was happy when he left. So I was able to just sit down and work for the three and a half hours I was given. It filled in the rest of the time, no problem. When Jet came home, I played with him. When John came home, he took Jet down into the basement to ride the exercise bike. I went to sleep.

I needed the nap. When I woke up, John finished off making a spaghetti dinner, and we ate. Jet wanted pepperoni, so he got pepperoni and Triscuits and he made sandwiches out of them. He'd layer one Triscuit between two pepperoni slices and munched away. He ate a good deal and he ate with us at the table, which was really nice. I think we'll just keep this habit now that Isabel and George have helped us get it and maintain it. In the middle of the meal, Jet stuck his hands out, "Hands!!'

So we held hands and said grace. Jet was really happy about that, and kept eating away. He got juice to drink and finished all of it.

Afterwards, we just lazed around while Jet played with his toys and we played with him. When Jet did go to sleep, we had some herbal tea, and worked some more. Sadly, the next thing I knew, when I looked up was that it was nearly midnight. Ouch.

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