Liralen's Adventure Through Life
October 2003
  1: My Sweater
  2: Surprisingly Great Birthday
  3: Running Around
  4: Children's Museum and a Relapse
  7: Trying to Get Well
  8: Feeling Better and Sorting Through History
  9: Jet's Morning Home
10: Playing with Leaves and a Green Choo-choo
11: Halloween Cookies
12: Regular Sunday
13: Scaled Down Rec. Center Visit
14: More Antibiotics
15: Tired
16: Taking It Easy
17: Mountains of Wool and a Bath At Last
18: Sleeping and Italian Food
19: Doing Lots of Stuff
20: Donuts, Pizza, and a Quiet Night Home
21: Sick Again
22: Coats, Baths, and Communication
23: Mall Adventure and Swimming
25: Feeling Better
27: Long, Quiet Day
29: A Fire Day

Fall fell with a lot of colds and viruses on our part. Ugh. I hate being sick and sick and sick. We did get a respite with the return of John's parents, and lots of antibiotics. I got a surprisingly quiet and good fortieth birthday. We spent most of the month trying to take it easy and try to recover from our various viruses.

I had the great pleasure of giving Kathryn a great deal of fiber that I'd never, in this life time, would have gotten around to spinning. It was really cool to have her appreciate the gift so throughly.

Jet had a blast painting cookie cutter cut Halloween cookies and then sharing them with everyone at work. That was really cool, and we'll have to do that together again, sometime.

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