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October 20, 2003
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Donuts, Pizza, and a Quiet Night Home

It's still odd to go into work on Mondays. I am still not used to the change in routine, and it was pretty odd to go into work and get a lot of stuff done, and then go out for lunch on a Monday. Especially since I'd gone to sleep late last night and got up late this morning. John and Jet were in the last flurries of running out the door when I actually got up.

I had thought I was not going to lunch today, as Joan told me, Friday, that her appointment was at 1, so I had to get Jet at 12.

By the time I put myself together and packed all my stuff up I suddenly realized that there was a bag of donuts on my usual place setting at the table. Daylight Donuts! Yay! One raised and one chocolate with chocolate! I was very much delighted, and I took them with me to work in order to eat them with my mug of hot cocoa...

I'd made myself my special cocoa. I like taking one heaping teaspoon of Dutched cocoa, Van Housen when I can, and adding two teaspoons of sugar, a drip of anise and a dollop of vanilla. Then I pour in hot water instead of milk. The Dilettante in Seattle used to serve it as the Van Housen cocoa, but they no longer do. I still love it and am glad that I reverse engineered it to my specifications.

I poured my cocoa into an insulated mug, wrestled everything else into the car, and also managed to get my bag of donuts. Ah... heavenly donuts. I took them to work with me to eat with my cocoa.

When I got there, I met John on the stairs up to my work are. Turns out that Joan actually had a 1:30 appointment to get the cast taken off her broken wrist. She was a little apprehensive about it, but she told John that she could keep Jet until 12:30. So I had some time to eat lunch! Hoorah! Less than I'm used to, but more than enough if we went to some place fast, like the Pepperoni Pizza Kitchen. So we did.

My meetings went well. My donuts really felt good. Lunch went swimmingly. It was good that we ran into John and Lynn on the stairs, as I'd assumed that John would be driving. Turns out Lynn was, and he has a two-seater, so he wouldn't be able to give Bob and Chad a ride back. So they took their own car. I drove myself, got there in plenty of time, and got to get my slices. They had pretty much all of their specialties as slices, so I got their super meat one and one of their super veggie ones and enjoyed them greatly with a 1/2 tea and 1/2 lemonade. It was good.

I ran off in time to get Jet, no problem. We went home, he went to sleep, and I worked for a while before he got up. We found him some lunch, and he ate it greedily, and then we played outside for a while. When John got home he took over, made taco salad for dinner and gave me a little time to work some more. That was very useful.

I remembered Jet wanting his bath yesterday, so today I actually remembered to ask him if he wanted a bath. When he was finished with one episode of Dora he was entirely willing to go up and take a bath. We all had a blast. It's especially relaxing, in some ways, to have him just play in there. There's so much stuff he can occupy himself with, and he gets clean, comfortable, and ready to go to sleep. The warm water gets his body temperature up and then he cools off and that helps him get ready to go to sleep. Relaxes him, relaxes everyone, as Jet gets more mellow as well.

It was fun, and he decided to just nurse after having his bath and go to bed. So it was quick and easy. Whew.

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