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October 21, 2003
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Sick Again

I am sick.

I am not happy about being sick. I went and worked all day at work today, and it was a pain. I wasn't happy with it. I didn't want to be there, and I didn't really want to be at home, and I needed to do stuff at work. So I did.

Just feeling immensely blah today. Part of it was being asked to do MORE hours in order to accommodate a request for five hours a week of my time.

It was hard to talk with John about it because I kept coughing. My throat is not happy.

Jet had a good day, though. On the most part, he did great. But this evening, as he was all dressed to go to bed in his Blues Clues sleeper he asked for a bath, and we couldn't give it to him as it was pretty late. I wonder if we really shouldn't be giving him a bath every night the way many parents do. Might make him sleep better or something.

One kind of funny thing is that Viking Office Supplies sent me my pencil, and John and I studied them and thought we could figure out a way to take the pencils apart and make my purple one the 0.5mm one. But when we got the part apart that I'd been thinking of, the pencil didn't come completely apart. John outlined a plan by which we could get them completely apart, but I didn't really want to sacrifice one of them to make the other ideal.

It's odd having a reflex kick in that destroying a $4 mechanical pencil is a No-No. It's not a matter of money, per se, but a matter of old training.

Anyway. I may have John try it. Worst case, I can buy a red 0.5 mm with no problem and have it work, first time, no modifiers

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