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October 19, 2003
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Doing Lots of Stuff

We had a really, really busy day today. Kind of overcompensation, perhaps, for yesterday and staying at home all day. We headed out early after John made us waffles for breakfast, and we got to the church a little before 9:15. Craig and Sharon were there, their kids were in Sunday school, and we got to talk in a group setting with the other new members and their sponsors.

John and I both took notes, and afterwards, John organized what we found out into a short introduction for them. During the service, we stood up behind them and introduced them to the whole congregation. John did a great job and tied together the fact that they were raising young kids and they also telecommuted for a living with the facts that we did, too. So that worked out really well.

After the service was supposed to be a training session on sexual harassment and working with kids in the church. John and I needed to go because we were going to be working in the toddler room for the next six months, one Sunday every two months; but by the time we figured out it was going on it was already half over. The social time after church was just too much fun and Jet had a blast chasing Callen around the snack table for the kids.

When we headed home Jet fell dead asleep. I probably should have, too, but while I was sick, I wasn't feeling nearly as bad as I had when the sinusitis was bacterial. I think it's just viral, and so I wasn't that tired. So I stayed up and did stuff around the house. I watered the plants, got the beginning of October completely up, and froze the Italian sausage from yesterday into half-pound packets, John did stuff outside. After Jet got up and had some lunch, John went out and mowed up the loose leaves. Jet had to ride with him. It was pretty warm out and sunny, so it was really comfortable to be outside.

So I followed them and pulled up the last of the dead tomato plants. They had lost most of their leaves and were pretty dried up and dead. So it was time.

We spent the evening sitting around the house and watching TV for a while. I made a quick dinner from the ravioli we bought yesterday and their specialty sauce. It was good. After dinner, John settled in to watch the World Series, so I volunteered to go off and do the grocery shopping. We'd come up with a list this morning, and I had all the coupons and bags organized, so I just went and did it. It was amazing how easy it was to concentrate on what I was getting when I didn't have Jet around picking up jars at random. He would want to drop them into the cart or stagger around with it and look like he going to drop it on the floor. That's something that always makes it hard to choose what kind of yogurt I want to get.

But without him it was easy, and I was back home inside the hour. John was exhausted when I got home; he and Jet had been playing the whole time I was gone, so I took over. Jet wanted to watch Dora, so he got to, and I cleaned up the house, bought another ClearPoint pencil from the Net, and planned my coming week.

At 10 Jet announced that he WANTED a bath. The problem was that I'd gone upstairs to get his room ready, and I ran the water in order to fill the humidifier. When Jet heard that he decided he wanted a bath. I told him it was too late, but that didn't really make an impression. He cried and cried, but I finally got him into his pajamas and brushed his teeth and he wiped the last of his tears off on my shirt while he nursed. Poor toddler

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