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September 15, 2000
two years ago
three years ago

Getting Ready

Geoff has been very, very helpful for the last two days, especially since I was exhausted from stress over work and still not caught up on my sleep from the wedding weekend. Yesterday morning, he helped me get Fezzik into Borax and we went to Mutt Puddles and wrestled Fezzik's hind end to get him completely washed. Geoff and I then walked him over to the Dairy Queen right there and fed him an ice cream cone. The weather was so hot, I was a little bit worried about leaving the two of them outside by the picnic tables, but Fezzik was wet, and Geoff had survived Georgian heat and humidity just fine, as he was quite willing to remind me. So I got them their cones, first. Fezzik enjoyed his cone with his usual gusto. I then managed to get my smaller, dipped cone. After I'd eaten most of the ice cream and chocolate, Fezzik got the last of my cone. Fezzik seemed much happier clean, and was happy to rest, afterwards, in the car while Geoff and I got some shopping done for our own lunch.

Chili dogs are good food.

We puttered about, and Geoff got to see a lot of things about the house and a few of the things that I'd written him about that he wanted to see. The jade teacup, some of my older fountain pens, and various other things. He laired happily in the basement, where it was cool.

John decided not to stay at work for dinner, and came home with corn, cantalope, and peaches. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes and we ate happily. After dinner John and I planned all the things we needed for the party and all the shopping lists and recipes for what we needed to have for the party itself. Geoff was fairly amused by the very clipped and shorthand notations John and I used for communication. I guess that's what happens when we're so used to each other.

Today was a good deal busier. I, again, wasn't able to get up until late, and then we took the Passat out to Costco with Geoff doing the yoeman's duty of lifting things when I couldn't, and we took care of the bulk items on the list. The only thing that really stymied me was that they didn't have long beef ribs, only the short cut country style ribs, which are pretty good but very different. We got those anyway, they'd be tender still. It was hot enough outside that I was a little worried about the stuff that had to be in a cooler because we had at least one more medium long stop; but I couldn't really do anything about it.

There were a few things that weren't worth buying in bulk, so we went to Albertson's for everything but the vanilla beans they'd run out of, and Safeway had those. So we then brought all that loot home and worked hard on finding places for it all. On the way we saw smoke up in the hills over Boulder, thick, awful smoke that looked like a really bad fire, and when we got home, the TV showed us, sure enough, that there was a big fire going on up there. Ugh.

We found more lunch food and packed things away and then retired into the cool of the basement to watch The King of Masks. Geoff hadn't seen it before and he really liked it. I was glad as it was something I'd been wanting to show him for some time.

John came home and bundle Fezzik and I into Borax and we went to get Fezzik his chemo reatment. He did just fine and was very happy to munch yet another ice cream cone. We then got Popeye's fried chicken for the three of us for dinner, and when we got home we all ate happily.

Geoff then requested seeing us play Crash Team Racing, as he'd heard about it so much in this journal and had never seen it. So John and I had a blast going through a couple of the Cup races. John playing the Bandicoot and I playing Purra, as usual. It was fun and Geoff got to try a couple rounds himself as well. He learns really, really fast.

Eventually we headed back upstairs and Geoff found this B-movie that was fascinatingly bad. There were very rubbery giant scorpions dripping goo from their manibles and with wuggly eyes on the ends of stalks and made Geoff just howl with laughter. The three of us watched in horror until it ended, around 10 and woke from our fascination suddenly realizing we had a few things we had to do before tomorrow. I had to make the red cabbage salad and John had to make the green chile stew, but the movie had been worth the hiatus.

I basically got the food processor out and chewed through a huge amount of cabbage, but I only trusted the red onion to my knives. The dressing went in along with all the seasonings and Geoff helped me pour dried cranberries in while I mixed everything together with my hands. Hands just work so much better than anything else. I ended up with a salad that looked half green, half red and was sharp with cider vinegar. It would take the overnight marinating to get it all to turn the same deep purple. Meanwhile the garlic, onion and meat smells from John's work filled the kitchen as well, and by the time we all went to sleep, the house was fragrant with food. John plugged the slow cooker into the wall and it would cook, slowly, all night.

It was around midnight when we all went to sleep to rest up for tomorrow.

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