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September 17, 2000
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Visiting With Old Friends

I woke up to giggling.

John had woken up well before I had, and he was outside, in the backyard with Paul and Isabel and they were roasting coffee together. Isabel knew of the ritual in their house which was 'Make Mommy her coffee' but it was all espresso that they made, so she hadn't really, before, associated the brown powder for Mommy's coffee with the flat, green beans John had in his hand. The roasting convinced her, though, as the aroma of the roasted beans was far closer to her knowledge of coffee. She loved seeing the beans being tossed by the hot air current and she was fascinated by the really loud machine that turned the beans into the more familiar powder.

Okay, maybe it was the grinder that woke me up, but she giggled a whole lot after.

Breakfast was fun. Kids are vastly entertaining, especially since Isabel had a tuft of hair that refused to do anything but stand straight up. She basically dominated the attention and conversation as John made scrambled eggs, cooked spicy Italian sausage and we kinda had chorizo and egg burritos with plenty of the left over salsas and guacamole from the day before. There was coffee and cinnamon rolls and lots of melon as well. Fruit is good breakfast.

The whole morning was extra relaxed. Just puttering about, enjoying each others company, small conversations and not much rush to or for anything. Isabel refused to wear clothing for a lot of the morning, after her shower, she stole the fish bathmat and used that for cover when she remembered to. John and Paul were out in the swing chairs on the porch and Paul was swarmed by Isabel and her fish. Fezzik followed her around patiently and got a little food cleaning up after her. She also liked hugging Fezzik a lot and he was very patient with her and didn't lick her too much. She had a dog at home, too, so knew to keep food where Fezzik couldn't just steal it from her.

They had to leave around 12:30 to meet up with their other friends and it was kinda cool to watch things get packed into the car, steadily, as Isabel worked as a minor force of entropy against the order. But eventually all her things made it and she got strapped into her travel seat and off they went.

Geoff and John resorted to watching football on TV, so I decided that a nap was the wisest thing for me. I just fell into bed, wrapped in nothing but a sheet in this heat, and fell deeply asleep for a good hour and a half. Which was when the phone rang.

It was Jay Gould, they could meet us at the house and then go into Boulder for dinner at the Walnut Brewery before having to fly out again. He and Carole had flown out to see what there was to see in Boulder, and see what kind of house they might be able to get for what kind of money and with what kind of horse facilities. After the interviews of the week before, they thought they should look before deciding and Xilinx paid for it all. They thought they might be able to make it to the party last night, but hadn't quite made it all the way out, too tired after being dragged everywhere by the agent. So they could have dinner with us tonight.

They came out to the house and got a tour of everything. Got to pet Fezzik and see the horse acre and hear our story for how we'd found the place. That it hadn't been easy or obvious, but that it had been possible. We then all went to the Walnut Brewery, with John riding with the Goulds. Geoff and I took the Lookout road route so Geoff could at least have a glimpse of the mountains and the foothills before leaving Colorado. Coming to help with the party he hadn't really gotten much, if any, close attention. And given that I was only going to get more pregnant, I wasn't sure if there would be a time until after the kid that we really could show him much of this place.

On the way in, we could see a big plume of smoke from the fires. The smoke was hovering over Boulder, and I realized, pretty clearly, why I'd been doing little coughs for the last few days and why I'd been so tired. I'm allergic enough to smoke that even that ambient amount was draining me pretty badly.

The Walnut Brewery had good food, as usual, but service was just a touch slow, so the Goulds bolted for the airport when John decided to take the check. They hadn't sounded all that keen on moving, but Jay's job offer had him living and working in the Northwest for a year and they would see what they'd have to do after that. So they didn't have to decide just yet, which was useful.

The three of us walked up and down Pearl Street Mall, stopping to watch a magician huckster and enjoy the act. John got pointed out early, and the magician offered, as a prize, John's wrist watch, for a particular action. John was volunteered at a later point and he was very good-natured about the whole thing and helped as was possible. At one point the magician had him doing a few tricks and the last 'trick' looked like it had just failed, but I saw, in last motions of the trick that the magician had stolen John's wristwatch. As John turned to go after the last of the things the magician needed him for, the magician gave him a five dollar bill for helping and then, as John was walking away, he said, "Or you could trade me that bill for your wrist watch."

It was pretty funny.

The climax of the show was the magician putting a playing card on top of the building across the street. There was a wind picking up, and it was an impressive thing to watch the guy actually, literally, throw the card up on the opposite roof. He threw it sideways and the just flew beautifully. Plop.

We were all giggling and laughing when it was done, so we all shucked out a few bills and tossed them in his hat. Many of the hucksters on the Pearl Street Mall do it for their living, and they aren't subsidized at all by the Mall itself. So it seemed just kinda cool to keep the tradition going.

After that we went into Ben and Jerry's and got ice cream cones and wandered back, slowly toward the car, as we enjoyed the rich coldness. It had gotten comfortably cool, but not cold, and it was nice to just walk in the night. Sleep was easy when we got home.

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