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September 18, 2000
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Back to Work

I can't believe it, I got work done today.

We got up fairly early, to be sure that we'd get Geoff to the bus on time; and we had cinnamon rolls, peaches, and whatever else could be grabbed for breakfast. And then we were rolling off to the bus stop, which was all the way by the Costco, which is about half an hour's drive from the house. The neat thing is that it's only about ten minutes from work, and we wouldn't have to tackle the traffic all the way to the airport and back. I was very glad Geoff was intrepid enough to take the bus instead of having us go all the way there and back in rush hour traffic.

After all the smoke we'd seen the past few days, it was somewhat startling today to look up at the Flatirons and not see any smoke at all. Maybe it was 'cause it was morning, but it really looked like they had it all under better control. The highs are supposed to be in the 60's later this week, that would be quite the change.

Knowing Geoff was in transit and wouldn't be home and wouldn't really be on-line until tomorrow, most likely, I was able to just sit and concentrate on work and work like crazy. Some of it was just getting through the hundred plus emails since I'd taken off last Wednesday, some of it was getting some resolution on the things I'd done half-assed last week, and the best was actually being able to really sit down and get my head into the code and just code.

That was fantastic.

I did take a break for lunch as Cary wandered about gathering people for lunch, and since Brandy was one of the folks, we all went to Wahoo's. John dragged along three of the French synthesis experts and the eight of us had a great, filling, yummy lunch. I ordered the steak quesadilla and not only had lunch but my mid-afternoon snack as well.

I then happily went back to work and didn't really come up for breath until it was 5:20 and John wanted to go home, as he'd had a completely chaotic day at work today and wanted to get some organizing done at home. On the way home the Flatirons were no more clouded by smoke than this morning, so I think they must have the fires under much better control.

Dinner was easy. Sausages, the last of the Goodell baked beans, and the deeply purple red cabbage salad were all very quick. I wanted to watch the Olympics badly, but decided it really was time that I caught up on my journal. It's been too long, not because I was depressed, but because I've had far too many things to do and I really couldn't use any of my work time for this at all. Besides the details of the days really are taking thought to capture again.

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