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September 20, 2000
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An Actual Cold Day!

Frantic day again.

Though it started with a fairly peaceful talk with Geoff, and then we did a really in-depth discussion about one of the things we'd fought on, really hard, over the weekend. It was calm, collected, pretty much sane, not at all angry and we got all the way through it without hurt feelings on either side. Now *that* was probably more useful than anything else in proving we might have figured something out when both of us were responsible for how it turned out.

Work was a bear and I had a hell of a time staying focused with one meeting in the morning and one in the afternoon. I did manage to do some stuff for the morning, but had to stop when my stomach started yelling at me at about half past noon. Everyone else in the group had already gone out for lunch, so I was pretty much left to myself to find something to eat. So I gathered up my design notebook, a good sharp pencil and my purse and went to the Asian Market. I ordered a bowl of beef pho and then settled at a table with my book and mapped out what I was going to do for the afternoon.

That was pretty useful. The pho arrived soon after I was done with my first iteration. The soup was savory, hot, tasty, not too salty and deeply flavored with fish and herbs and spices. The rice noodles were plentiful, and the layer of thin-sliced beef over it was fairly generous as well. I really liked the onion, cilantro and pickles scattered over that surface. It was a most excellent lunch, especially since I'd spent most of the morning sneezing and swearing to myself that I wasn't going to catch a cold. It felt really good against my mildly sore throat.

The afternoon was mildly more productive, got more coding done, got more organization done and the steps are very clear for the last part of this. From what I've finally figured out I'm more than half-way done. That was quite the relief.

Especially since John came over and wanted to go home, again, before 6. Early to home is pretty good, except when I am under a deadline. That is an amusing thing to realize. Anyway, we managed to get out, get some corn and peaches and cantaloupe from the the local farm stand, and then headed home. We got there well before the French contingent and in plenty of time to get things started by the time Karen arrived, as well. John's whole group then had dinner at our house, spending a lot of time outside with the grill while John was cooking.

The weather has completely broken. The sky is clouded over completely and it's actually *cold* out. From a daily high in the mid-90's, we've gone to a high in the 60's and lows in the 40's. One of the French new hires was just freezing as he hadn't brought much warm clothing with him. His friend lent him a coat, and he did okay. The food was leftovers from Fezzik's party, sausages, red cabbage salad, and rolls, along with the fresh corn. It's the end of the corn season and it was mildly obvious from the corn we got. It was sweet and tender, but just a little drier, less plump and bursting with sweetness. I think that the peaches are starting to go the same way; but the melons and eventually the gourds and stuff should be getting ripe, though, and I'll get to figure out what new vegetables to cook and use when they're in season.

Dinner was fun, conversations were good. Mildly mirroring an earlier conversation John had had with one of the Irish managers over team building, what new things could be tried that haven't been used before, the things that worked so well for our team that could be transferred and used to focus the new groups here. John is an advocate of things that help folks focus, work better, and be friends. It's a good way to be.

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