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September 22, 2000
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Cold Weather

It is in the 40's today. My.

Quite the change from the nearly too hot 90's of the weekend. I still can't believe it. Today has the slow, misting rain that I'd always loved in Seattle. The constant drizzle that gets everywhere, chills the bones, slowly soaks into everything and everyone. It's such an odd phenomenon to have here. The wild fires are all completely out, now with this chill, cold, and wet helping to completely kill any remaining embers.

I got to work all day and watch it mist and mist and mist outside. John and I did go out for lunch with the Frenchmen and Karen to KT's. They had forgotten to fill the tank and on the way over there, we actually went into neurtral on the downhill just to make it to the restaurant. Luckily, I'd remembered correctly and there really was a gas station on the same corner. They filled up before we went in.

They mostly followed John's lead on ordering, and we all sat down and ate happily. They then took off to go down south for the weekend, to get away from the cold and forecast snow for tomorrow and to see Taos and the local Indian areas down there. They seemed to be headed in the right direction to get away from the possible snow. So the one of them wouldn't just freeze, and they could actually see some stuff. Karen had lived in the area for several years, so had her own plans for the weekend, including seeing some of her old friends, professors, and the like.

It was so nice, in the parking lot, to simply stand in the damp and drizzle.

And then I just worked really, really hard all day until late, and even late I managed to figure out the steps for tomorrow.

Yeah. Tomorrow. One of the very few weekends you'll ever see me work again, but it's actually going to be a work day for me.

Fezzik actually ran to greet us today. He danced and pranced and whirled about as much as he could on his somewhat unsteady hind legs, but he was really happy today to see us. I think the cold weather is actually giving him energy again, as opposed to the lethergy of the hot days. He is pretty happy, all in all, I think, even with the things that he's lost, he's still right at my elbow every night peering intently at whatever food I might have. He's also eating up his dinners happily in the cold weather and actually eating more now than he has for quite a while.

The cold weather has changed our eating habits as well. I'm suddenly changing nearly everything into cold weather food, rather than the hot weather BBQ and cook outside as much as possible and take advantage of the summer things foods into longing for long, slow cooked things like beef stew. We shopped for quick dinner tonight and then also got all the things I'd need for stew for the weekend.

Sleep is much easier in a cold house under warm, warm blankets, even when my head is filled with the things I need to do tomorrow.

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