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September 22, 2001
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Playing In The Grass

10:01 pm: A pretty simple day today. Jet got up only twice, but John got up after the first up and he couldn't get back to sleep. That was very bad for me, as with all his tossing and turning he kept me awake, too. So by the time Jet got up at 6, I was exhausted. But I got up, fed him, changed him and then handed him over to George and John.

John went off and returned the trench digger, and when I got up I found the three of them sitting at the table with the newspaper. They had waited for me for breakfast. I asked Isabel to cut the last of the honeydew. I then made two baked pancakes, and we ate those with fruit and plain, non-fat yogurt. I had the blueberry essence from Whole Foods and that was wonderful with the yogurt and the pancake.

Jet was doing pretty well, he'd been playing with the three of them, had eaten cereal for breakfast, and had had a pretty busy morning. He let me eat my breakfast and then told me, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted to eat off me. So he did. He fell asleep during it and I put him down for a nap that lasted a good hour and a half. People puttered about while he napped. Isabel did our laundry as well as Jet's laundry. George helped John finish the trench's details, and I went upstairs and worked a bit on journal stuff.

When Jet woke up the five of us went into Boulder and the Farmer's Market. We got our lunches at the food court, and then shopped a bit, going up and down the main row of things a couple of times. Then we walked into Boulder Creek Park and sat down by Boulder Creek and put Jet down in the grass and talked for a while. That was really fun.

Jet was mildly dubious of the grass when he first sat down on it; but eventually he started grabbing the strands, pulling, then pushing at the stuff with his feet. Then he started rolling around on it, occassionally looking startled as he experienced, first hand, the unevenness of the ground. Everyone had to be mildly on the watchout for him picking stuff up out of the grass and stuffing it immediately in his mouth. It was fun watching him spend time to just watch the leaves of the tree above him as the wind stirred them or having him watch Boulder Creek for a good long while just watching the water flow. All the people were endlessly fascinating for him as well. He's definitely a people watcher.

The grass also gave him better traction and he's starting to get the idea that if he's on his front and he pushes back with his arms, he can curl his feet and legs under him enough to get close to sitting up. He's almost making it into a sitting position quite a lot, now. We all watched him trying as we talked about all kinds of things.

One really cool thing that Isabel said was that she didn't feel like she might be doing everything wrong. With all the things she's been helping us she's been doing it with the comfort of feeling that she was doing it right and that it was of help to us. Everything from the dishes and laundry to changing Jet and playing and feeding him. It was really cool to have her say that she really felt comfortable doing those things and that we weren't going to come down on her like a ton of bricks for doing it 'wrong'.

I know that I'm a perfectionist. I am also afraid that I inflict that on other people. I am especially afraid that I will inflict it on Jet. Having this feedback from Isabel was very, very useful in assuaging my fears.

We all went home and everyone took a nap. Jet was asleep in the car, and we put him in our room, but he woke up pretty soon after. I thought he'd go back to sleep after nursing, but he didn't. Everyone else was asleep, so Jet and I played on the livingroom floor and I was pretty tired, but okay with watching him after having been able to sleep in late the last few mornings.

Eventually everyone woke up and we put together dinner and after dinner John and his parents gave Jet a bath. It was fun to listen to them in the bathroom. It gave me plenty of time to write and I really needed it. With guests I often have less time and less leisure in which to write. I find myself, too often, watching what everyone is doing with Jet rather than being able to concentrate.

Tomorrow is going to be the big adventure out in the mountains. I'm a bit apprehensive about it, but I think we'll be okay and will deal with all that needs to be dealt with. It's been a while since Jet's slept in the same room as we're in, so we'll see how that goes.

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