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September 21, 2001
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Growls And Rolling

My day was pretty boring compared to Jet's. A lot of things he's been doing accumulated in actual accomplishments today. The last few days he's been experimenting with lower sounds, with grunts and growls. Especially growls. He's been growling at things now and again. Just like Anne's Sam, it's a low, sexy growl that makes him grin when he does it and makes me laugh. He really likes doing it at random moments, the way he was doing raspberries a while back. It's really cute.

The other thing Jet's been trying has been rolling over onto his front. Up to this point he's mostly disliked being on his front. He mostly notices it long enough to roll himself onto his back. But on the changing table he's gone further and further over and today he's flipped himself bodily onto his front nearly every time we changed him. He seems to like it. When playing not only is he rolling himself towards interesting things, but he's rolling himself deliberately onto his front and doing pushups to see what's interesting to see. As a result of the fact that his arms are pretty strong and he doesn't know how to make forward motions, he's doing the usual going backwards first stuff. His arms push and his legs push and he backs himself into all kinds of corners.

At one point he ended up underneath the CD rack, another he was under the rocking chair, and a third had him backing into the books under the coffee table. This is going to get even ore interesting as he gets more stuff going. He's already pulling books off the coffee table and wrestling with Land Rover Enthusiast and A Day In The Life books. He love the photographs.

My day was meals and work. John went out and got a trench digger and he and his dad dug a trench, after work, from the new garage frame to the house for putting down electrical wires. The electricians that are going to do it were going to charge another arm and leg for the trench. So we did the heavy work ourselves.

When the guys were done, we all went to Souper Salad, the soup and salad bar, and we all ate a whole lot of salad and a bit of soup and bread and dessert. Plenty was had by all and we all marveled gently at the five dollar a person price. That was fun. Jet got to eat his food in a rolling high chair. Jet had a really fun adventure when John had gotten his food and put the plate on a tray on a table. John was looking for a table for all of us as he was done first. He'd placed the tray on the edge of the table, and the next thing he knew, Jet was pulling the tray into Jet's lap!! Just the one edge was still on the table, and it was all right on the edge of falling on the floor.

John caught it in time. He also caught a glimpse of a man, with two kids, watching Jet and laughing his head off.

Probably someone else who'd been there.

It was a fun dinner. Afterwards, as I like having Jet be comfortable on the way home, we did something I had thought about doing at Sakura's and we opened the trunk of the Passat and changed Jet in there. It was a good thing, too, with all the rolling around Jet was doing. There was a bit of room for him to roll around in and there was a built in lip for the edge that he couldn't get over, yet. So it made it a bit more safe than the back of the Baby Buggy. There's a light in there, too, so that was even better, we could actually see what we were doing.

Of course, once the weather gets really cold we won't be able to use this new-found traveling changing table; but in the meantime it's a lot more comfortable for Jet than getting scrunched into the back seat of the car while we work at him sideways. I'm glad of the far more comfortable accommodations.

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