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September 2, 2002
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Getting Enough Sleep

9:35 pm: I'm getting less ambitious with my old age. My main ambition for this holiday was to get enough sleep. We managed it, I think.

John was up with Jet from about 4 to 5:30, but then Jet got up at 7 anyway. I took Jet at 7 and let John sleep until he's had enough sleep, too. Jet also only took a forty-five minute nap. I wonder, sometimes, on Mondays, if Jet knows it's a Monday and just has trouble napping on Mondays. Today seemed to help prove the theory. We'll see, but it always seems that on Monday he has a hard time napping.

Luckily, I had John's help today, which worked out well. John had Jet outside for a while as I finished posting August. I got the chance, took it, and got it all up. I also tried cleaning out the Epson printer, as the magenta jet seems to be completely stuck. Now that the HP printer is working out well, I thought I'd at least try out the Epson and see if there was something the matter. There does seem to be something. I may be able to take advantage of the warrantee if I take care of it soon, as it hasn't been a year, yet.

Jet mostly just played all afternoon. John took care of clearing out another couple of boxes filled with random stuff, including a curling iron I haven't seen or used for years. I might as well sell it if I can. It was nice to get more stuff to go.

I used the stand mixer to make the boiling water dough for scallion pancakes. It worked out pretty well. John and Jet grilled the marinated chicken while I made the pancakes, and we had them with the grilled chicken along with some microwaved peas. I need to cook the fresh green beans sometime, too. Jet liked eating the scallions raw from the bowl of finely chopped scallions. He liked the finished pancakes as well. I was glad of that.

John grilled Jet his own hot dog and stuck it on a chopstick, so Jet snarfed that down. He also ate some more pancake and a few peas. It was a bit like breakfast, where Jet ate John's cereal, most of John's cantaloupe, and some of my blueberry pie as well. He had quite a huge breakfast, and made up for it with a sparse lunch.

We spent a bunch of the afternoon watching The Rookie and the director and producers were correct. If it hadn't been a real story, it couldn't have been a believable movie. The parts of the movie that I liked the best and thought most implausible were the ones that were specifically true of the real life story. I was very amused and both John and I really enjoyed the movie. Jet watched it on and off, but got bored with the adult story even as he was interested in the eight year old boy. That was interesting to watch.

Jet loved the Monsters Inc. trailer. I can't wait to get it for him.

Dinner was tasty. The chicken was amusing as John got the jerk and the tandori mixed up. So I was very glad that the jerk seasoning, eventhough it made me sneeze like crazy, wasn't actually hot at all. Both chickens were tasty, spicy, and yummy. Jet plowed through his hot dog happily while we ate our food. I'll have to remember to cook him stuff he'll really enjoy eating.

After dinner, we played with crayons and Jet only drew a little bit. He was far more interested in pouring out all his crayons and putting them all back into the box. He carefully put each one back in and stuffed them in tight before taking the box and dumping them all out on his table. He'd then scatter them in all directions and the go through the slow process of picking each one up and putting it back into the box. I think he did that half a dozen times.

He finally fell on his back and started eating his crayons.

Tired Jet.

John got some ice cream out for John and I and Jet had a great time running between the two of us for bites of ice cream. He ate a good deal of it and perked up considerably. He even lasted until 8:45, his usual time, and went to sleep while nursing on one side. He woke up, protesting, when John tried to put him to bed, so I went up and gave him the other side and after he finished it, he settled to sleep. I'm glad.

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