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September 8, 2002
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Jet and the Bad Dogs

Jet got to meet the Bad Dogs today. All four of them did just fine. Hee.

I was glad that I'd gotten the cheesecake done yesterday, as it meant that I didn't have to do anything before hand. I am still sick, and not breathing too well, so it was nice to not have to do anything after church.

Jet had a good time at church, he actually fell asleep on the way over, slept halfway through the service and only woke up when one of the other kids had a huge temper tantrum and could be heard screaming all the way across the church. Wow. Jet didn't cry at all, he just woke up and studied the situation. He ate well afterwards and took a later nap after getting home.

John got to get the last of the drip irrigation hose replaced with new stuff. Yay!

I tried to call Kathy for her birthday, but no one was there. I decided not to leave a message as I could try again later. We left for Debbie and Matt's at five and got there in plenty of time. They ordered take and bake pizzas and we had a good time visiting with them and the dogs in the back yard for a good long time while the pizzas were, first, getting made and then baked.

Jet did great with the dogs. They're just at his height, so their noses were right in his face. He got a lot of kisses, but he was good at hiding his face or pushing them away when they got to be a little too overwhelming. He also was good about coming to me when he got overwhelmed as well. I could just pick him up and he'd pet them. He mostly didn't cry and he didn't get upset at them, and he seemed to know what to do around them to protect his face. I think he must have learned some of that from Molly and Clifford, Joan's two Great Danes. I'm glad he's getting some exposure to animals so that they're not totally terrifying or something later.

He was content. He really liked the dogs' toys, and he loved squeezing the squeeze toys and making them say stuff.

The dogs were great too. Boris and Forden were very gentle and very caring and protective of him, though sometimes they got a bit close. Their fat brother, Borigard was less interested except when Jet had pizza. Hee.

They were good about not begging, and when the pizza was served up, they were mostly elsewhere as we ate. Debbie had made a great salad, and we just munched away. Jet ate most of an entire slice himself, which was very cool. He also got to drink from his sippy cup as we'd remembered to bring it. I had two pots of herbal tea, and it helped with the congestion in my lungs. Yay!

It was good to visit with them. Afterwards, I got to see Debbie's yarn room, and it looks a lot like a yarn shop. There's a whole wall of diamond cubicles filled with yarn, it's ordered in rainbow order across the wall, and all the cubicles are completely full. Wow. It was an awe-inspiring sight. For all that I know that I have several lifetime's worth of projects in my keeping, that was just awesome in scope. I marveled at anyone that would have that much dedication to address that many projects, but I was also relieved to find myself not envying her the tasks. I am very glad that I don't have that many projects.

It did, however, remind me of the ones that I do have, and that I really should do something about my yarn and wools. I've looked at the wools, checked them out for bugs and haven't found any. I'm glad of that. However, I also have a lot of stuff that I could work on, now that my hands, wrists, and arms are feeling better. There are even a few things I would like to work on, too, I think.

Jet, by the end of the evening, was happily talking with Matt, Debbie, and the dogs. He even said Matt's name to him at one point and surprised both of Matt and I by doing so. That was cool. Matt has a good way with Jet and it's fun to see. They also have all the toys, art supplies, and fun stuff that good uncles and aunts have, as they often entertain their nephew. So Jet got to color with crayons for a while. By the time we got through our cheesecake, Jet was falling asleep on the counter, so we gently packed everything up. While I was putting away the cheesecake, Jet tried to follow me into the kitchen and one of the dogs was lying across the way. Jet couldn't figure a way around the dog, so he started crying. Poor tyke.

I picked him up and he was just fine. Yay!

Jet, of course, fell sound asleep on the way home. He roused just a bit as we changed him, enough so that he nursed happily and then went to bed. He seemed happy, so we need to do this again.

I tried calling Kathy again, after Jet was asleep, and after two hours' worth of busy signals, I finally gave up. She's darned popular, and I guess if I tried that hard, it's okay that I couldn't call her as promised. I'll hope she's good with that and just try and reach her in the morning.

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