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September 12, 2002
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Spilt Milk, Sakura's, and Haircuts

9:10 pm: A quiet day and a very busy evening. Jet and I had a good day together. He had a good time at Joan's, and I got a lot done at home. He came home and went to sleep nearly immediately and I got a good hour and a half in. I also loaded up my Visor, printed out a few emails, and worked while he played after he was awake.

We shared some lunch, though he didn't eat much. He ignored the curry, this time, for the glass of milk. In the midst of trying to drink, his hand slipped and he dropped half a glass of cold milk into my lap.

I shrieked from the cold more than anything, but didn't get mad at all and while Jet looked worried, he wasn't at all distraught. He stood by and didn't touch while I dried myself off, pulled off wet clothing, used a mop on the big puddle, rinsed everything twice, and then took a short shower. He wanted to help with the mopping, so I let him do it without correction and he got a lot of it. I was glad of that. I'll keep encouraging cleaning stuff up.

So no tears over spilt milk.

At 4:30 we headed out to Longmont and hit a restaurant supply shop on the way to the restaurant. It turns out to be right behind the Safeway, and they had round containers, but no square ones. They could order them, but they only had round ones in stock. Looking at them, I realized that I would like a little room if I put a gallon of dried mashed potatoes into one of them, so I asked for the six quart ones, and bought three of them. One for the mashed potatoes that Jet keeps liberating all over the floor, one for oatmeal and one for the rices.

The rice could just stay in their bags and all of them could fit in one container. This need for containers came around when I discovered moths infesting nearly half a five-pound bag of white rice. Grrrrr. I hate the things, but the reality is that we get these pantry moths All The Time and things had better be sealed up and airtight from now on, or I should expect infestations.

I need containers. We need some square ones, and we don't really need six quart ones for all the things in our flour pantry, though things could probably double up in even the four-quart square containers. I'd far rather they were safe.

When we were done there, we ran off to Target, as we had nearly half an hour before we had to meet John. I wanted to see if they had the infant Dimetapp, but they didn't have it either. I got drawn to the art supplies and Jet made noises towards the crayons. There were big sized washable crayons, with sixteen colors! I got a box of those, handed the box to Jet, and we headed for checkout.

It was raining when we got outside. It wasn't that hard a rain so we just walked to the car and I got all the way in with Jet before strapping him in. He held onto the box for dear life, but couldn't open it. I didn't open it for him. The restaurant was only a few miles away, and we still had a while to wait. So we got there, parked and waited in the car while listening to the rain.

It was so peaceful. I enjoyed it greatly. Jet enjoyed getting one of the crayons ad the top of one of the buckets and using the hard surface to draw away on my map to the restaurant supply shop. I didn't need it anymore.

John had actually been there since five, but I hadn't noticed his car when I drove in and he hadn't noticed us driving in. So at 5:30, I went into the restaurant with Jet, and once we got seated, John arrived. Jet had a great dinner of a whole bowl of rice with some teriyaki sauce. He actually ate half the bowl with a pair of chopsticks!! The wait staff had done the usual hinge thing with the wrapper and a rubber band, and Jet was intrigued enough by the setup to try eating with them and he got more and more successful at it as he tried. I was impressed.

He nibbled some salmon and eel, but didn't take to them, yet. He nibbled a little of the tempura'ed banana, and left it. He gobbled two candied cherries and when I handed him his after-dinner mint, he grabbed it and ate it happily. I don't quite know why he eats some things and doesn't eat others.

From there we headed across town to Linda's salon and got haircuts. John and I did, at least, while Jet played, ran around, looked at things, dusted with three different dusters, and flirted with all the lady stylists. He didn't let them touch him, but they did get his grins, smiles, and looks. He was a bit shy about getting picked up, so they didn't. He did get a lot of running around in.

Linda gave me a completely new cut. She did the whole thing with a razor! Hack hack hack. It was fun, and she had to even change blades in the middle of the cut as my thick hair dulled the first one so quickly. It was really messy looking when she used goop and root base stiffener on it, but it was messy and high bodied in that "I spent a lot of time and money to get it to look this messy" kind of way. She had fun with it and I enjoyed seeing how much fun she was having. John got his buzzcut and it was quick. Yay!

From there, we headed to the Albertson's, that was attached to the same strip mall that the salon was in. Jet walked the whole way there. He then wandered about wildly, occasionally following us, but mostly going his own way. John found that if we rolled a can in front of Jet, he'd automatically run and chase it, and, therefore, go the direction we wanted him to go. It worked well so long as there wasn't anything Jet wanted. Sadly, in the shampoo area, there were lots of pretty bottles that Jet wanted.

He got to run a lot.

I carried him back to the car, and he was talking cheerfully to me for a while, and then went silent while I was driving the long, straight stretch along County Line Road. He fell asleep.

We woke him up just enough to change him and nurse him and put him to bed. He had so much running around, he may be tired enough to sleep well. I can hope.

I got a shower in and the haircut looks good flat and clean. I like it a lot. It's framing my face a bit better, and it looks cute with a thinned fringe of bangs and a deeply shaped top and back. It's made to not have a distinct part, so I did the little part a bit to each side all the way down, and it looks nice. If that's all I have to do to have it look nice, I'll be very glad.

I'm very glad, now, that we went with Linda instead of the hair-cut-van at work. She said that she'd been thinking about this haircut all day. Wow. That's what I get for going to someone that actually knows me. I'm very glad.

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