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September 11, 2002
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An Ordinary Day

9:48 pm: A strange day, emotionally. I'm glad that nothing big happened today. And I think I cried more today and for more different reasons than I have since last year. Dave Barry had a great article. There's a cool comicbook that also made me cry. There was a weird little bit of coverage about how DIA had so little traffic today, down by 40%, and they talked with two travelers who were flying out of defiance. They weren't going to let any terrorists stop them from doing what they wanted on the day they wanted to do it. A mom wrote about her day and forgot the date.

It kind of hit me when I sat down at my computer at work and the desktop calendar said "Sept 11" in a perfectly ordinary, mundane way. It's just another day.

The developers' meeting was fun, as usual. Lunch was good. We went to Mick O'Shea's, as you'd guess, it was an Irish bar with good Guinness on a nitrogen tap, served with a four leaf clover traced on the perfect head. They had four 'all-American' specials for lunch, corned beef and cabbage, a Kentucky Brown, meatloaf with gravy and mashed, and catfish. It amused me that they were all-American. The catfish with macaroni and cheese was excellent, crisp and hot and flavorful. The mac and cheese was the surprise find, rich, creamy, and crusty. It had perfectly firm macaroni. Yum.

Jet hasn't' slept all morning when we went to get him and he had an hour and a half nap. I worked like crazy and had a very productive and busy meeting I the afternoon. I got a lot of things to do from it and got most of them done in the hour afterwards. John and Jet sounded like they were doing okay so I just plowed through everything I could.

When I was done with that hour, I went down and nursed Jet and then took care of playing with him while John worked. I then made a quick chicken Alfredo with lots of vegetables and the light Alfredo from Safeway. It was tasty and not too rich and the whole thing was really tasty. So we had a quick and easy dinner before I got ready to go swimming.

During dinner the rain started. It was falling steadily by the time Joan came to get me, and we walked through the rain to the pool. It felt so good. I'm so glad it's been raining so steadily for so many days.

I was a little afraid of going swimming as I was still having problems breathing through my lungs. The cold still had some hold on me, but I really wanted to see if the exercise would help move all the ook out of my body and lungs. So I went. John had told Joan to watch my breathing and tell me to stop if I was having problems. She took her job seriously, as she knew that she wouldn't stop without some outside instruction. I did well, though, and the combination of the exercise and the humidity from the pool made it so that I breathed quite freely.

The exercise really helped. I was feeling far better afterwards than before, and I didn't cough until I got home and had finished nursing Jet. he wet to sleep easily, and I got a shower in to stop smelling of chlorine. I really have to remember some conditioning shampoo and lotioning shower gel next week, as it's so much easier to shower there than have to do it at home later. I hate sleeping with wet hair.

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